Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 331

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 331 – Something Is Wrong

In reflex, Aubree looked down at her arm in a cast before returning her gaze to Roxanne as if it was nothing.

“My injury isn’t a big deal. I was accidentally clipped by a car while out shopping with Mrs. Farwell two days ago. Luckily, she was unhurt.”

Aubree was clearly hinting that she hurt herself in an attempt to save Sonya.

Roxanne, having read between the lines, cracked a flat smile and replied in a cursory tone,

“Ms. Pearson, since you enjoy such a close relationship with Mrs. Farwell, I’m sure it will be smooth sailing for you once you marry into the Pearson family.

If there’s nothing else, I need to leave first, as it’s getting late, and the children are tired.” Before Aubree could respond, Roxanne turned to leave.

No sooner had she done that than she felt someone grabbing her wrist. Knitting her brows, she turned around to look at Aubree.

Aubree returned the gaze with a pathetic expression. “Actually, there’s something else I want to say. I owe you an apology.”

Having heard those words, Roxanne was suddenly aroused with suspicion, unaware of what Aubree was scheming.

“That’s not necessary.” Roxanne pursed her lower lip. “Ms. Pearson, there’s nothing for you to apologize for.”

Even though Aubree had done plenty to harm her and her boys prior to that, she didn’t need the former’s apology.

After all, a single apology could never make up for all of Aubree’s past misdeeds.

Besides, she had decided to draw the line with Lucian, ending any future interaction with him and Aubree.

She would also be relieved as long as both of them don’t cause her any trouble moving forward.

In spite of that, Aubree, adamant about her apology, continued to hold Roxanne’s wrist tightly.

“It was an impulsive mistake of mine to have gotten the boys expelled from their school previously.

Just thinking about your relationship with Lucian from six years ago is enough to fill me with fear, fear of him returning to your side.

That’s why I came up with the idea to put some distance between the two of you. It was indeed wrong of me to harm the children.

Hence, will you forgive me for doing so?” Even though she could feel the mockery in Aubree’s words, Roxanne gave her a nonchalant nod. “

Fine, I forgive you as long as you don’t harm Archie and Benny ever again. On top of that, there’s nothing for you to worry about,

for you’re the one that Lucian fancies all this while. There has never been the possibility of him returning to my side.

Thus, there’s no need for you to keep hounding me relentlessly.” With that, Roxanne was in no mood to continue the conversation any further.

Realizing that Aubree still refused to let her go, Roxanne, with furrowed brows, raised her hand to pry her wrist free of Aubree’s grip.

Unexpectedly, the moment her hand made contact with Aubree’s, the latter suddenly let go and stumbled a step before leaning against the wall on her

Roxanne’s expression darkened at the thought of Aubree’s injury. “What are you doing?”

After regaining her balance by supporting herself off the wall, Aubree couldn’t help but be stunned by Roxanne’s words.

Subsequently, she gave Roxanne a confused look. “Do excuse me. Since I hurt my arm, I have had trouble maintaining my center of gravity.

That’s why I lost my balance easily.” Aubree had barely finished and didn’t wait for Roxanne to respond when she continued in a considerate tone,

“I’m fine, and also heartened by your forgiveness. Didn’t you mention that the children need rest? You should hurry and take them home now.”

With that, Aubree ended the conversation with a cordial smile before returning to the corridor.

As Roxanne watched Aubree’s leaving silhouette, a niggling sense of dread descended upon her.

Nonetheless, she couldn’t see anything out of the ordinary.

Since Aubree herself claimed to be fine, Roxanne didn’t give the matter much thought as she headed downstairs to drive the children home.

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