Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 330

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 330 – You Know It

“Is your stomach aching badly? Do you want me to carry you?” Roxanne, who had come to the staircase, knelt down in concern and looked
into Benny’s eyes.

Benny cracked a mischievous yet gleeful smile. “It stopped hurting a long while ago, but I could sense that you felt like leaving early.”

From the moment Mommy saw Daddy and the wicked woman at the elevator just now, there was a drastic change in her mood.

Furthermore, when they were blocked in the corridor by Lucian, he could clearly feel the hostility Roxanne exuded.

Coincidentally, both he and Archie resented the sight of Lucian, hence the excuse to get Roxanne to leave.

Upon hearing Benny’s words, the relieved yet amused Roxanne gave his nose a playful scratch.

“Next time, don’t scare me by telling me that you have a stomach ache while being sick. Instead, you should just say that you’re tired.”

Roxanne was given a fright by Benny earlier. If not for the urge to avoid further interaction with Lucian,

she would have brought Benny back inside the room for further examination. Fortunately, Benny was all right.

Just when the trio of mother and sons were enjoying a tender moment, a flurry of footsteps rang out in the stairwell.

As the sound gradually bore down on them, they could guess from the lightness of the steps that it was a woman.

Assuming that it was just someone passing through, Roxanne moved aside together with her boys.

Unexpectedly, they were greeted by the sight of Aubree emerging from the corner the moment they stood up.

The instant their eyes met, Roxanne’s expression darkened on impulse. A single glance was enough to tell her that Aubree came with ill intentions.

It was just that she had no idea what the latter had hidden up her sleeve. Is it because Lucian left her abruptly to see Benny?

Roxanne’s mind was rife with speculation. Nonetheless, Aubree approached them with an indifferent expression.

In fact, she even gave Benny a concerned glance before inquiring with Roxanne,

“Have you brought him to see the doctor? What did the doctor say? Is his condition serious?”

After giving Aubree a wary look, Roxanne turned around and instructed the boys, “Go downstairs and wait for me there.”

However, they stared fiercely at Aubree instead, worried that the latter would hurt their mother.

Roxanne knew that she couldn’t predict what would happen despite being aware of the boys’ intentions to protect her.

She was worried that she would fail to protect the boys if Aubree were to somehow harm them.

When she saw the children were hesitant to leave, Roxanne steeled her face and instructed the more sensible Archie,

“Archie, take Benny downstairs and watch over him.” Only then did Archie nod in acknowledgment before holding Benny’s wrist to lead him downstairs,

leaving Roxanne and Aubree alone in the stairwell. “Go on, what do you want?” Roxanne gave the lady in front of her a distant look.

Aubree responded with an innocent expression, “Didn’t I just express my concern for Benny’s condition? What’s with that snarky attitude of yours?

Do you actually think I’ll hurt the children?” Recalling how Aubree had caused the children to be expelled from school without reason some time ago,

oxanne pursed her lips into a smirk. “You know better than anyone else.” Roxanne had barely finished when Aubree put on a pitiful look.

“All I really wanted to do was to show my concern for Benny. Besides, with my arm still injured, what can I do to them?

Since Lucian cares about Benny so much, I’m just trying to help by getting to know the latter’s condition better.

Also, I’m certainly not doing this for your sake. I just don’t want Lucian to worry.”

Regardless of what Roxanne said, she was trying to prove that her feelings for Lucian were true.

As a scornful look momentarily flashed across Roxanne’s face, she nodded with an emotionless expression.

“In that case, thank you for your thoughts, Ms. Pearson. Anyway, Benny’s condition isn’t serious, and he should be fine after taking some medication.

So instead, you should be more concerned with your own injury.

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