Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 329

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 329 – You Have A Fiancée

After a few seconds, Roxanne calmed herself before turning down his concern, “Mr. Farwell, Benny’s illness has nothing to do with you.

I will take care of my own children. You should spend more time with your fiancée instead of asking about my sons.

Earlier on, I saw that Ms. Pearson was seriously injured. Someone needs to be by her side at all times.”

There was a grim look in Lucian’s eyes when he heard that. Roxanne’s heart raced as she met his eyes, but she could not figure out what he was thinking.

However, she could sense that he seemed to be displeased with what she had just said.

Then again, I haven’t said anything wrong. Everything that I have said is the truth. Roxanne met his gaze, unperturbed.

After a while, Lucian forced himself to calm down before explaining to Roxanne patiently, “Aubree has fractured her arm, and she has been in the
hospital for a few days now.

She’s fine and doesn’t need my care. I have come to ask about Benny because he gets along very well with Essie.

If Essie asks about Benny, at least I will know what to tell her.” Looking at the way Roxanne and the boys were eyeing him, he had to use Estella as an excuse.

If not, he doubted they would tell him anything. Lucian thought of the time when Estella used to stay with Roxanne.

He was puzzled at how things had come to the current situation. At the mention of Estella, Roxanne’s expression softened.

However, there was something Lucian had said that affected her somehow.

Since Aubree had been hospitalized for a few days, Lucian must have been by her side all the while.

Otherwise, there was no way he would know so much about her injury.

Regardless, Roxanne still ended up telling Lucian about Benny’s condition but in a very cold manner.

“If Essie asks about Benny, just tell her that he has caught a cold while swimming. It’s nothing serious. He will be fine after taking some medication.

I can’t share any other information other than that.”Lucian heaved a sigh of relief when he heard that Benny was not seriously ill.

For some strange reason, he could not help but feel concerned about Archie and Benny despite their obvious enmity toward him.

It was as if he owed them something. “Now that you know about Benny’s condition, you will be able to explain it to Essie.

If there’s nothing else, we would like to make a move first.” Roxanne nodded at him before attempting to lead the boys past him.

Just as they walked past him, she heard him ask, “Why are you in such a hurry to avoid me?”

Hearing that, Roxanne stopped and tightened her grip on Archie and Benny. Lucian was watching her inquisitively.

Roxanne pursed her lips and answered indifferently, “Mr. Farwell, we are different. I may have children, but I’m still single.

You, on the other hand, are engaged. In order to prevent any misunderstanding, you should have been the one to avoid me.

But you don’t seem to be aware of it. So, I have no other option. I hope you can understand.”

Lucian gulped and looked like he wanted to say something. However, he had no response to the matter-of-fact manner in which Roxanne spoke.

Just as the tension in the air began to build, Benny broke the silence. “Mommy, my tummy hurts. I want to go home and rest.”

With that, Benny tugged at Roxanne’s arm. She bade Lucian farewell before leaving with her sons.

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