Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 313

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 313 – Do Not Mind It Upon entering the consultation room,

Lucian saw Aubree’s exposed shoulder, along with a bandage around her shoulder.

Gina and Sonya were standing next to Aubree, staring at the doctor. “Doctor, how’s Aubree’s injury? Is it serious?”

The doctor took a glance at Lucian, who had just arrived at the door. Then, he turned back to explain to the ladies.

“Apart from fracturing a bone in her arm, Ms. Pearson is all right. She just needs to rest for a period of time and let it heal.

By the way, there’s quite a bit of abrasion on her shoulder, and some wounds are slightly deep. I’m afraid some scars will remain on the affected area.

Everyone was stunned at his words. Gina was the first to recollect herself. She hung her head low and gazed at her daughter’s bandaged shoulder in disbelief.

“Is the injured area big?” The doctor nodded. PlayvolumeAd Aubree, on the other hand, sat quietly on the chair.

Despite her unfazed expression, she was filled with frustration. She indeed had intended to put on a ruse to garner sympathy.

Never in a million years would she have thought that a severe mishap would befall her.

During the check-up, the doctor had already informed her about it. She also witnessed her open wounds before they were swathed in gauze.

It was a downright ghastly sight! With things having come to this, there was no way she could turn back time and change the outcome.

The only thing Aubree regretted was letting the doctor cover up her wounds too fast.

She was hoping that Sonya could see the lacerations suffered with her own eyes. This was so that Sonya would feel extremely terrible about it.

Although Sonya did not get to see Aubree’s wounds, she was stricken with guilt when she heard what the doctor said.

“Don’t you have a way to ensure that no scars are left behind? Please do so, regardless of the cost.”

The doctor was put in a difficult spot. “Actually, there’s one solution. However, it may require Ms. Pearson to bear some hardships.”

“What is it?” Gina asked hastily. “Ms. Pearson can consider going through a skin transplant surgery once her wounds are healed.

I can refer you to a hospital that guarantees a perfect outcome,” the doctor suggested.

Gina sulked when she heard that. “What’s the point? The surgery will only cover up the scars. What about the areas where the skin is replaced?

Won’t there be scars too? My daughter was perfectly well until this happened, leaving so many scars on her body—”

Aubree’s brows snapped together upon noticing that her mother got all worked up and started to argue with the doctor.

Hence, she cut Gina off, “It’s okay, Mom. It’s just a few scars. Anyway, they aren’t located on my face.

I’ll just have to wear clothes with sleeves more often. It’s not a big deal.” Thereafter, Aubree’s gaze swept across Sonya’s face.

The latter’s guilt turned more and more intense as she realized how understanding Aubree was.

“Aubree got hurt because she wanted to save me. Don’t you worry; I’ll bear all the consequences.”

It suddenly dawned on Gina that Aubree had a hidden agenda. Immediately, she played along by putting on a sorrowful expression and lamented,

“I’m not too worried about the scars. What bothers me the most is how other people will view Aubree. She’s not getting any younger.

With those scars on her body… Will she be able to get married? Will her future partner accept her?”

Gina’s eyes gradually turned red as she got emotional. At that moment, Aubree was relieved. She pretended to comfort her mother.

“Don’t worry, Mom. I believe that the person who truly loves me won’t mind these scars. It’s just like…”

Then, Aubree instinctively glanced at Sonya and displayed a dejected expression.

Even though she did not finish her sentence, the others knew exactly what she wanted to say.

It’s just like my unrequited love for Lucian over the years. I don’t mind that he has never paid any attention to me.

Sonya was moved to tears. She turned and stared at her son. Then, she said to him earnestly, “I caused Aubree to get injured.

During her recovery, you ought to take good care of her on my behalf in order to repay Aubree for her kindness.”

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