Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 312

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 312 – Pack Your Things When they were on the way to the hospital, Sonya quickly called Lucian.

Soon, Lucian answered the phone and asked, “Mom, did something come up?”

“Please contact the hospital for me. We almost got into a serious car accident just now. Aubree’s arm got injured when she saved me.”

Lucian agreed to it right away. After that, Sonya called Gina and Samuel to inform them about what happened to Aubree.

They nervously asked her for the hospital’s name before ending the call.

Lucian was always efficient. A doctor was already waiting at the entrance when Sonya and Aubree arrived at the hospital.

“Mrs. Farwell, Ms. Pearson, please come with me.” After briefly checking up on Aubree’s injury, the doctor led them to his department upstairs.

With a pale face, Aubree supported her arm for the doctor to examine. Despite the pain, she thought it was worth it because she did it for Sonya.

After all, Sonya’s feelings of guilt and gratitude were written all over her face.

After the incident that day, Aubree believed Sonya would unconditionally side with her.

During the check-up, Lucian, Gina, and Samuel also arrived. “Mom, are you all right?”

Lucian scanned Sonya from head to toe as soon as he saw her standing near the door. Sonya still felt unsettled and worried about Aubree.

With a gloomy look, she shook her head and replied, “Since Aubree pushed me away, I’m safe. However, Aubree got injured.”

Once Sonya finished, Aubree’s grumbling was heard, probably because the doctor touched her wound during the check-up.

Sonya couldn’t help but feel heartbroken as if she was experiencing the pain.

Meanwhile, Gina and Samuel were like cats on a hot tin roof because they hadn’t seen their daughter.

Upon hearing Aubree’s grumble, Gina couldn’t help but ask Sonya, “What happened?”

Sonya’s face looked gloomier once she recalled the incident in the parking lot. “When Aubree and I were walking to the parking lot,

a car seemingly lost control and was about to hit us. Aubree managed to push me away but was hit by it.”

Before Gina and Samuel wanted to dwell on it, Lucian interrupted, “Where is the driver?”

Sonya frowned and replied, “He fled the scene.” Everyone was shocked to hear that. Feeling furious, Gina stood at the door with her hands on her waist.

How could the driver run away after hitting someone? Did you report it to the police? He must be arrested and punished!”

To her surprise, Sonya shook her head in embarrassment. She was too occupied with admitting Aubree to the hospital and didn’t have time to report to the police.

In the meantime, Lucian frowned and glanced at Gina and Samuel with a glint of suspicion.

He could tell that they knew nothing about the incident. Besides, Gina was infuriated and yelled that the authorities had to arrest the driver.

After a while, Lucian looked away and said in a deep voice, “Leave it to me. No worries.”

Whether the driver did it intentionally or not, he would not let him off the hook.

Then, Lucian nodded at the elders and walked to a corner to call Cayden. After asking him to report the incident to the police,

Lucian also instructed him to get some men to investigate it. Cayden agreed to do it without hesitation.

Aubree’s check-up had completed after Lucian finished assigning everything.

As soon as the doctor asked them to come in, Gina and Samuel rushed into the room, followed by Sonya.

ucian leisurely followed them while having doubts about the incident.

Deep down, he couldn’t help but think it was too much of a coincidence.

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