Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 314

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 314 – Feeling Smug Sonya’s response unequivocally took Aubree by surprise.

The latter quickly turned her head, only to realize that Lucian was standing by the door.

Instantly, she reviewed her speech in her head and was relieved that she did not say anything that could have exposed her scheme.

Her gaze then fell on Sonya. “There’s no need for you to be so formal, Mrs. Farwell. It was something I should have done.

Please, don’t even mention it,” she said in a gentle voice. Sonya furrowed her brows and replied, “You’re such a sweet girl.

Are you trying to make me feel more terrible than I already am?” Obediently, Aubree said nothing else.

Sonya shot Lucian a glance. “If it weren’t for Aubree, you wouldn’t be able to see me standing here anymore.

No matter what, the Farwell family owes Aubree a favor. I’m still in shock, so I don’t think I’m the best person to take care of her right now.

Therefore, it’s your duty to care for her in the meantime.” At that point, everyone in the room had their eyes on Lucian.

Frowning, the latter said curtly, “Okay.” He had no intention of getting acquainted with Aubree.

However, he could not find any excuse to reject his mother since Aubree did save Sonya this time.

The crowd heaved a sigh of relief when they heard him saying yes. It was even more so for Aubree whose spirits rose triumphantly.

Although she was a little taken aback by the accident and its outcome, she was even more surprised by how the events had unfolded before her eyes, to
her advantage.

Initially, she wanted to make use of her injuries to sow guilt in Sonya and make her an ally against Roxanne.

It turned out she received something better. “If that’s the case, I must thank you in advance for taking care of Aubree.”

Gina smiled at Lucian, but the latter nodded indifferently. Right then, an awkward expression settled upon Aubree’s face.

“Lucian, I know that you’re still upset with me because of Essie, and you’d hate to have anything to do with me.

Don’t worry; I won’t trouble you unless it’s absolutely necessary.” As soon as Aubree said that, Sonya cast a disapproving look at her.

“Go ahead and tell Lucian whenever you’re unwell or if you feel any discomfort.

Let him take good care of you during this time. If you aren’t troubling him, I’d feel bad and think that you are refusing my good intentions.”

Aubree pretended to be in a dilemma. Upon mulling it over, Sonya said to her son,

“I suggest that you come over to the hospital to be with Aubree after work each day. Whenever I’m free, I’ll drop by to keep her company too.”

When Lucian heard that, his gaze darkened slightly. The atmosphere froze for several seconds before he broke the silence and gave his response in the affirmative. “All right.”

Aubree was delighted. She did not expect Lucian to agree so quickly.

After snapping back to her senses, she tried to suppress her overwhelming joy and put on a guilty face. “Thanks, Lucian.”

The man nodded his head without uttering a single word to her. Aubree could tell that he was forced to do so. Yet, she did not mind it.

In the coming days, Lucian will be all mine in the ward as per Mrs. Farwell ’instruction. In other words, he won’t have time to meet up with that b*tch!

Aubree’s heart swelled with an indescribable sense of happiness at that thought.

Then, they carried on with a brief discussion to determine some matters about Aubree’s recovery journey.

The doctor gave her some reminders before urging her to proceed with the admission procedures right away.

Instead of waiting for an instruction to be given, Lucian volunteered to carry out the task. “I’ll do that.”

With that, he turned around and left the room. He could not bear Aubree’s presence any longer.

Once the admission procedures were completed, Lucian went to meet the director and requested the best arrangement for Aubree, as per Sonya’s

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