Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 309

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 309 – No Hope At Pearson Group, Charles was standing in front of Aubree with a frown as he said,

“Ms. Pearson, there’s someone overseas who’s intentionally stopping us from looking into Roxanne’s matter, especially the ones regarding the two children, so—” Aubree cut him off before he could finish, “So you found nothing!” Charles fell silent.

The atmosphere in the office was tense for a moment. Aubree stared at him for a long time before she said through clenched teeth,

“What use are you lot when you can’t even find anything after so long?” Before Charles could respond to her, she snarled, “Get lost!”

PlayvolumeAd Charles instantly turned to leave. Aubree huffed in anger as she watched the office door close.

It had been days since Lucian himself had told her that he wanted to breakoff the engagement,

yet she still had not gotten anything to blackmail Roxanne with. If Lucian spreads the news about us breaking off our engagement,

it’s highly likely that btch is going to be the future Mrs. Farwell.

That btch was the one who stole my spot six years ago, and six years later, she’s still haunting me!

I’ve already been embarrassed by how Lucian has broken off our engagement. If the same person steals Lucian from me again,

others are definitely going to see me as a laughingstock! No! No matter what, I’m not going to let Roxanne become Mrs. Farwell.

After sitting in her office for some time, Aubree narrowed her eyes and called Sonya.

Sonya had just finished her breakfast. When she received a call from Aubree,

she could not help but think about the words she had said a few days ago, and guilt washed over her.

She had said that she was going to help convince Lucian to change his mind after Lucian calmed down,

but she had not had the chance to talk to her son for the past two days.

Sonya felt apologetic when she picked up the call, and her voice was audibly kinder. “Aubree, it’s quite early for you to call.

Did something happen?” Despite the scowl on Aubree’s face, she said in a soft voice, “Mrs. Farwell, do you not like me anymore?”

Hearing that, Sonya frowned. “What are you talking about? How can I not like you?”

As Aubree suppressed the rising resentment in her, she muttered sorrowfully, “But you haven’t called me for the past few days.

I thought you have forgotten about me after Lucian said he wanted to break off the engagement.”

Aubree sounded miserable, but it was nothing too surprising for Sonya. Sonya’s guilt only amplified at that. She let out a quiet sigh before saying,

“I’ve just been a little busy lately. Moreover, your matter with Lucian…” At that, Sonya paused for a few seconds before consoling Aubree again,

“Don’t worry. I’ll definitely have a talk with Lucian about this. Your engagement with him can’t just be broken off like this.”

Just as she finished saying that, Aubree’s voice, tinged with bitterness, sounded. “Mrs. Farwell, haven’t I told you this before?

I think of you like my mother. Even without Lucian in the picture, I’ll still respect and admire you.

As for my engagement with Lucian… He has already made his decision. I,

too, know that Lucian’s not an easy person to convince, so I don’t have any hope for that anymore.

All I can hope is for our relationship to still be the same as before.” Sonya’s heart ached, and she whispered, “Of course.”

A hint of disdain flashed past Aubree’s eyes, but she still said, “When are you free, Mrs. Farwell? I’d like to buy some new clothes,

and I wish to seek your opinion about them.” Sonya smiled and answered, “This weekend, perhaps.”

Aubree agreed to it. She then flattered Sonya a little longer before she ended the call.

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