Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 308

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 308

Only That Man Although Roxanne’s fever had gone down, Archie and Benny were still worried, so they made their mother stay at home for another two days.

Once she was fully recovered, she sent the two children to kindergarten in the morning.

Just as she got into her car and was about to drive to the research institute, her phone suddenly rang.

After taking a glance at the caller ID, she realized it was a call from Harvey, her professor.

Thinking that he was calling about the project, Roxanne quickly picked up the call and asked, “Professor Lambert, what’s the matter?”

Harvey sounded solemn. “Did you offend someone?” Roxanne was baffled by his words. “What do you mean?”

“It seems that someone has been looking into your matters during your time overseas,” Harvey said to her grimly.

“That’s why I’m asking if you offended anyone in the country. The other party seems to be keen to cause a scene with what happened during your time out of the country.”

Roxanne’s heart sank. “Is it possible to find out who it is?” “I’m afraid not. You should know that my influence is mainly over medical affairs.

The other party has more influence than me, and I really can’t find out who’s behind this for now.”

Roxanne bit her lower lip as a thought flashed past her mind.

Lucian had once expressed his curiosity about her overseas experiences back when she was treating Alfred.

Furthermore, Lucian had also asked her multiple times who Archie and Benny’s biological father was after getting to know the two boys.

Now that he has spent so much time with the boys, is he starting to doubt the boys’ background? Is that why he’s making investigations overseas?

Professor Lambert has also said that the other party has more power than Him. That thought made panic surge in Roxanne’s chest.

If he really finds out about something, will he take Archie and Benny away from me?

The more Roxanne thought about it, the tenser her voice became. “Do you know what he’s looking into?”

Harvey replied, “I can sense that the other party’s very interested in your social life over the past few years.

They’ve been looking into the people you interacted with.” I knew it. Roxanne pinched her palm and used the pain to calm herself.

“Then… have they found out anything?” If Lucian has really found out about something, I have to prepare myself for the confrontation.

Harvey reassured softly, “Although I don’t have the power to reverse the investigation, I can stop them from looking further into this.

After realizing that someone was looking into your matters, I did everything I could to hide what happened to you over the last few years.

don’t think they’ve found out about anything yet.” Roxanne let out a heavy sigh of relief and expressed her gratitude to Harvey.

Thank you.” Harvey replied noncommittally, “It’s nothing. You should be more careful.

You have me to take care of you overseas, but now that you’re in charge of the research institute, you need to be extra cautious when you do anything.

Otherwise, you might accidentally cross someone.” Roxanne bit her lower lip.

She did not recall crossing anyone in the past. The only one who would look into her past matters was that man.

However, that was something she saw no need to tell Harvey about. “I got it. Thank you, Professor Lambert.

There’s something I’d like to trouble you with,” Roxanne said after a few seconds of silence. Harvey swiftly agreed to that. “Speak your mind.”

Roxanne continued, “Regardless of everything, please keep Archie and Benny’s history a secret; please don’t let anyone know about how I was
already pregnant when I left the country…”

If the other party finds out that I was pregnant when I left the country, they’ll easily find out who the father of the children is.

Harvey did not probe further and agreed to her request.

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