Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 302

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 302 – She Came Alone

“Ms. Estella, have you told Mr. Farwell about this?” the driver asked.

It did not occur to him that he should ask until they were on the way.

When his question was met with dead silence, the driver knew he was in deep trouble.

She must’ve run away without telling him… I’m good as dead if Mr. Farwell finds out about it…

Thinking, the driver spared her a hesitant glance from the mirror. “How about I call him?”

“No,” Estella said, shaking her head.

I don’t want to tell him! He’s the reason why Ms. Jarvis refused to let me stay the other time. She doesn’t like Daddy. She won’t even let me in if Daddy’s
Enter title…

Since Estella was adamant about it, the driver did not push her. I’ll just call Mr. Farwell when we reach.

Soon enough, they arrived at Roxanne’s house.

Estella jumped out of the car right away, sprinted over to the door, and rang the doorbell.

Since everyone was upstairs looking after Roxanne, no one heard the doorbell.

The violent dinging slowed down as time passed when no one came to get the door. Estella was on the verge of crying again.

It was not until Lysa came downstairs to make Roxanne some oatmeal that she heard the doorbell.

She was perplexed when she saw the child at the door. “Essie! Are you here alone?”

“Ms. Lane…” she cried.

“Did you come alone?” Lysa inquired again.

Estella nodded furiously before poking her head in to see if Roxanne or the two boys were around. But to her dismay, she saw no one.

In front of her, Lysa hesitated for a while before stepping aside to let her in.

Having witnessed Roxanne sending Lucian and Estella away, Lysa was unsure about Roxanne’s attitude toward them. But seeing that the girl had
come alone, Lysa thought it would not be good to just send her away.

Hence, she asked her to wait in the living room while she informed Roxanne about her visit.

“Did she come alone?” Roxanne asked in confusion. She looked sickly with her face flushed and pale lips cracked.

Lysa nodded. “She’s waiting for you downstairs. Should I let her come up, or should I contact Mr. Farwell and ask him to get her?”

Because Roxanne was not feeling well, she had been taking longer to respond to everything.

Before she could answer, Archie and Benny had beaten her to it.

They knew how much Estella missed Roxanne, and since she had come alone, they figured they should just let her see Roxanne, or else she might
feel so disheartened that she ran away again.

On top of that, they were well aware that it was Lucian whom Roxanne was angry with, not Estella.

When they saw that Roxanne did not disagree, they quickly made a case for the girl. “Mommy, just let her in. She must’ve found out about it from Ms.
Ward. That’s why she came all the way here.”

Roxanne frowned and finally nodded.

She could not bring herself to let Estella wait all alone down there whenever the scene of the poor girl curling into a human ball in the pit flashed in her

Since the boys had gotten a green light from Roxanne, they went downstairs to bring Estella up.

That was not the first time Estella went to Roxanne’s room. In fact, she had stayed there for a long time before. Yet she still felt nervous.

It had been forever and a day since Estella saw the beautiful woman. Besides, she was ill.

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