Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 301

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 301 – Going To Her House

Meanwhile, Estella had been waiting at the kindergarten entrance way before school started that morning, hoping she could see Roxanne, Archie, and

The brothers had told her the day before that Roxanne was finally coming home and would be fetching them to school.

The night before, she had also waited for Roxanne eagerly, but in the end, she only saw Madilyn.

She felt disappointed at first, yet when she knew that Roxanne had a message for her, she was comforted because it meant Roxanne still thought
about her.

That was the reason why she was not altogether upset, and she was looking forward to seeing Roxanne the next day.

However, not only did she not see Roxanne, but she also did not see the two brothers at school.

That made her extremely sad.

“Essie! Come on in! It’s almost time for school!” Pippa did not call out until school was about to start since she did not know what the kid was doing.
Estella pouted and shook her head in refusal.

“What’s going on?” Pippa asked.

Ever since the child got lost in the mountain, the teacher had been paying extra attention to her because she felt sorry for the child.

Estella looked far away without answering. She was hoping the car she had waited for would show.

They are coming to school!

The girl stood waiting until the school bell rang, but there was still no sign of the people she wanted to meet.

Since Pippa could not get her to go in, she stood with the girl at the entrance and asked the other teachers to take over her class.

The recent trauma had made Estella lose her sense of security, so when she thought of Roxanne’s attitude toward her and the boys’ absence, she started
tearing up.

Does this mean Ms. Jarvis doesn’t want me anymore? Did she transfer Archie and Benny to another school? They almost went to another school
last time…

Pippa was worried when she saw that the girl was about to break down. She bent down and tried to comfort her. “What’s the matter, Essie? Why don’t you
tell me what you’re upset about? I can help you.”

Estella bit her lip and took out her notebook before writing: Archie and Benny.

Pippa finally understood what Estella wanted. Ah, she was waiting for the boys! But she doesn’t usually wait for them even when she comes to school
early, though.

Pippa could not wrap her head around what Estella was thinking, yet she still patiently explained everything to the girl. “Archie and Benny are not coming

Their mommy is sick, so they asked to stay home for a day,” she said, patting Estella’s head. “Why don’t we go in first? They’ll be here tomorrow.”
Estella looked upset when she found out that Roxanne was ill.

She shook her head and retreated a few steps, trying to dodge Pippa’s hand.

The teacher was confused, yet before she could even ask the girl anything, Estella turned and ran toward the Farwell family’s car parked beside the

“Essie!” Pippa shouted as she ran after the girl.

After Estella went missing the other time, Lucian had arranged for a driver to follow her around just in case she ran away again.

The driver was stupefied when she saw Estella running into the car with her teacher chasing her from behind.

The next thing he knew, Estella opened her mouth and spoke out of the blue.

“Go to Ms. Jarvis’ house!” she ordered in a compellingly cute voice.

The driver was stunned. A smile broke out on his face, and he nodded before driving away, ignoring the teacher who was chasing after them at the back.

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