Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 303

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 303 – She Left By Herself

“Ms. Jarvis…” At the sight of Roxanne lying on the bed with a sickly complexion, Estella felt tears welling up in her eyes again.

Estella’s voice made Roxanne’s heart melt. Seeing the little girl come running toward her bedside, she forced a smile. “I’m fine. Don’t worry, Essie.”

Like a pitiful kitten, Estella leaned by the bedside and stared at Roxanne with teary eyes.

Estella’s gaze calmed Roxanne down significantly. “Why are you here alone?” Roxanne asked in a gentle voice.

“Ms. Ward says you’re sick.” Estella was close to tears.

Roxanne nodded and reached out to caress the little girl’s head. “Thank you for caring so much about me, Essie.”

Similarly, Estella also stretched her arm out, intending to touch Roxanne’s forehead.

Roxanne had let them do a fever check by touching her forehead the other time. She could still vividly recall how Roxanne’s forehead was burning then.
When Roxanne realized what Estella was trying to do, she tried to get up from the bed and move her head closer to the young girl.

Nevertheless, unable to muster any strength in her arm, she had only propped herself up a little before she fell back onto the bed again.

Worry was written all over Estella’s face.

Roxanne smiled apologetically. “If you’re worried, how about you get on the bed too?”

Estella removed her shoes without hesitation and climbed up onto the bed to touch Roxanne’s forehead lightly.

Panic filled the girl’s eyes when her palm came into contact with Roxanne.

The other time when Ms. Jarvis had a fever, Daddy had to bring her to the hospital. She stayed there for a night before she recovered. But this time,
Ms. Jarvis’ forehead feels so much warmer. But she doesn’t like Daddy and doesn’t want Daddy here…

Meanwhile, Lucian was having a meeting in the office when he suddenly received a call from Pippa.

Catching a glimpse of the caller ID, he furrowed his brows. He got his assistant to preside over the meeting in his place and headed outside to
answer the call.

“Essie left by herself, Mr. Farwell…” Pippa reported to Lucian anxiously.

The man’s expression abruptly darkened when he heard that news. “What happened?”

Pippa was on tenterhooks. “She got into the Farwell family’s car. I believe she wants to visit Ms. Jarvis. She asked me why Archie and Benny didn’t
come to school today. I told her Ms. Jarvis fell sick, and she immediately turned around and got into the car again. She likes Ms. Jarvis a lot…”

She dared not continue her sentence, as that was merely her conjecture.

Deep down, she was concerned about Estella’s whereabouts too.

The fact that Estella had gotten in their car made Lucian slightly relieved.

However, having learned from Pippa that Roxanne was sick, he frowned.

“What happened to Ms. Jarvis?”

Pippa responded, “I heard she’s running a fever. Archie and Benny are taking care of her at home.”

As soon as she finished speaking, Lucian’s deep voice sounded from the other end. “I got it. Please excuse Essie from school today too. Thank you.”
After Pippa agreed to the request, the man concluded the call and called

Cayden over. “I’m heading over to Roxanne’s. Help me get Dr. Elswick.”

Sonny Elswick was the family doctor of the Farwell family. He had impressive medical skills but basically only worked for the family.

Cayden knew Lucian’s motive for calling Sonny was to ask the latter to treat Roxanne. He was undoubtedly getting increasingly perplexed about Lucian’s
feelings toward Roxanne but still went ahead to agree to the instructions.

Sonny arrived relatively quickly. Lucian had waited for his arrival before heading to Roxanne’s with him.

Having known Roxanne’s attitude toward him lately, he figured she would possibly not let him into the house if he had gone there alone.

Hence, it was more than wise to bring a doctor along.

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