Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 300

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 300 – Mommy Is Down With A Fever

When Roxanne finally got home, Madilyn had already brought Archie and Benny home, and the two kids were playing in the living room.

Seeing that Roxanne was drenched, they ran over with worry written all over their faces. “Mommy! Did you walk in the rain?”

Roxanne was exhausted, but she still patted them on their heads and replied, “I forgot my umbrella, so I got wet when I was running over to my car. I’ll be

After asking Lysa to tend to the children, Roxanne went upstairs to take a shower and changed into a new set of clothes.

Then, she came back down again to play with the boys before hitting the hay herself.

Since she had overextended herself in the past two days, Roxanne felt completely drained when she finally lay on her bed. She fell asleep right away, but in the middle of the night, she was awakened by a fever.

In a daze, she got out of bed to pour herself a glass of water, but her legs gave way the moment she stood up, and she fell right back onto the mattress.
A frown appeared on her brows as she slowly regained consciousness. I think I’m running a fever…

Since it was already midnight, she did not want to wake anyone up. I’ll just sleep it off. It’ll get better tomorrow.

With that thought, she fell back into a slumber.

When morning came, Archie and Benny rose early because they felt excited.

Lysa and Madilyn had been sending them to school because Roxanne had been busy for the past few days. When Roxanne was finally home again,
they looked forward to her bringing them to school. However, they were disappointed when she did not appear even after breakfast.

Seeing that they were almost running late, they ran upstairs and knocked on her door, but no one answered.

The children ran back downstairs to call for Lysa. “Ms. Lane, Mommy is not responding to us. Could you come and have a look?”

Lysa was frightened when she heard that, so she quickly made her way up and opened the door with a key.

Once she opened it, Archie and Benny rushed into the room only to see Roxanne lying weakly in her bed.

Her eyes were shut, her cheeks were hot and red, and her lips were parched.

It was obvious she was down with a high fever.

“Mommy!” the kids cried out. When Roxanne still did not respond, Lysa went forward.

She touched Roxanne’s forehead, and her face darkened.

This is way worse than the last time she was sick. What should I do now? It doesn’t seem like she will wake up anytime soon, and we can’t send her to
the hospital either…

Lysa was on pins and needles.

When Archie saw this, he took a quick glance at the clock and said to Lysa, “Ms. Lane, could you help Benny and me apply for a leave of absence
today? We’ll take care of Mommy at home.”

Lysa nodded immediately and went to make a call to Pippa. Then she took a wet towel and put it on Roxanne’s forehead to help cool her down.

As for the boys, they stayed by their mother’s side for a long time until she finally came back to her senses.

Roxanne felt that she had fallen into a deep, deep sleep. She could not wake herself up although she wanted to. It was the voices of her children that
eventually plucked her out of her reverie.

“Mommy!” the children cried out and went closer to her the instant they saw her moving.

Roxanne was stunned at first, but she gradually registered her surroundings and wanted to sit up. “Sorry, I didn’t mean to sleep in.”

She was still thinking about sending Archie and Benny to school when the children pushed her back into bed.

“Mommy, you’re sick. We’ve already asked for leave to stay at home to look after you today,” they said in all seriousness.

It was only then that Roxanne realized how sick she was.

Roxanne felt touched that the children cared so much for her.

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