Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 299

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 299 – Feeling Uneasy

Her change in color did not go unnoticed by Cayden, but the man could not understand the reason behind it. When he saw that Lucian had ended the
call, he quickly walked over.

“Do you have an umbrella? Where’s your car? I can send you home first before Mr. Farwell comes. He’s going to take a while.”

Cayden gestured to open the umbrella in his hand, but Roxanne stopped him.

“It’s okay. Someone’s picking me up.”

Cayden nodded and just stood beside her quietly after that.

Seeing that the man was not going anywhere, Roxanne looked at the rain and hesitated as she distanced herself from him.

The rain is abating. I should go before he comes down.

“Mr. Farwell! I thought you—” Cayden exclaimed.

Just as she took the first step into the rain, Lucian was already behind her.

Although Roxanne did not know why Cayden did not finish his sentence, she was too nervous to turn around to check out what was happening.

When she felt cold air engulfing her, she fled into the rain without a second thought.

Suddenly, the rain stopped hitting her head. A black umbrella sheltered her, and a strong grip caught her hand, pulling her right back to the hotel

“Are you crazy?” Lucian reprimanded.

He knew that Roxanne would try to avoid him when he was on the call with Cayden, so he said goodbye to his partners and left in a hurry.

As he expected, she was indeed trying to run away.

Lucian felt insulted when she would rather walk in the rain than spend time with him.

When Roxanne knew there was no getting away, she took a deep breath and looked up at him calmly. “Hi, Mr. Farwell. What a coincidence.”

Lucian did not know she was drunk at first, but the moment he smelled her breath, a frown appeared on his brows.

“Did you drink?”

“Yeah… I was having dinner with my colleagues.”

“I’ll send you home,” Lucian said, his hand still holding hers.

Roxanne tried to break free, but she could not. A look of displeasure crept up her face. “No, thanks. Someone’s coming for me. I can go back on my own.

Let me go, Mr. Farwell. Please.”

“Who are you waiting for? Your driver? I doubt you’re getting one so soon, though,” Lucian argued candidly, looking at the people around them.

Words eluded her, and she quickly thought of something else. “I called for one earlier. People are watching, Mr. Farwell. I don’t want to cause a scene.”
Lucian’s face looked gloomier than before, and he let her go.

Roxanne nodded at him and walked into the rain.

Behind her, Lucian ran over in big steps with the umbrella tilting toward her.

“Your wound is not healed yet. Let me take you there!” he shouted in the rain.

Roxanne did not turn back but hastened her steps.

“Slowly! It’s slippery,” Lucian reminded at the back.

Even though Roxanne had an umbrella over her, she was still shivering in the rain because it was pouring cats and dogs. Her thin clothing was not enough
to keep her warm. Besides, because Lucian was just right behind her, she kept telling herself to walk faster. “Well, I’ll walk slowly if you stop following me,” she said.

Behind her, the man’s footsteps gradually came to a complete halt.

Without his umbrella, the rain pounded on Roxanne’s body mercilessly as she dragged herself to the parking lot. She then sat in the back seat of her
own car and waited for the driver.

Her mind was a mess. She wondered if God was playing a prank on her. The more she wanted to avoid Lucian, the more she ran into him.

Most importantly, the way he treated her made her feel uneasy.

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