Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 298

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 298 – Let Me Send You Home

At eight that night, Roxanne and everyone from the research institute went to The Waterfront together.

After they were seated in the private room, they proposed a toast to Roxanne.

“Dr. Jarvis is a valuable addition to our research institute. Not only did she solve a huge medicinal problem, but she also initiated many projects. We are
where we are today because of her!”

“I can’t agree more. To be honest, I thought we would not be able to see this project through, yet we survived thanks to her caliber and courage. She’s
both a charming and a capable person!”

Roxanne smiled widely at the compliments. She rose to her feet and looked at them.

“Thank you. I’m just doing my part. Thank you for believing in me and cooperating as a team.”

Playvolume00:00/00:00TruvidfullScreen When she first returned to the country, she was mostly unaware of the situation in the local research field.
In fact, she had braced herself for the worst. She did not expect researchers to be that friendly and that everything would turn out so smoothly.

“Well, your fame precedes you, Dr. Jarvis. Dr. Galloway said a lot of good things about you before you came, and we were all impressed. Everything he
said about you proved to be true in the end when we finally got to meet you,” one of the teammates replied.

Colby’s expression changed when he heard that, but he quickly composed himself and feigned nonchalance, raising his glass to Roxanne. “I was simply
saying the truth.”

With that said, he lifted his glass and finished everything in one go.

Roxanne felt Colby was not himself at that time, but because she could not pinpoint what was it that puzzled her, and since everyone was busy
proposing a toast, the thought just slipped her mind.

Meanwhile, Colby had been glancing at her from the corner of his eyes.

When he saw that she did not seem bothered by what had happened earlier, he heaved a sigh of relief.

It was true that he had feelings for Roxanne, yet he knew that she was way out of his league. He only wished to hide his feelings from her until the day
he became a man worthy of protecting her.

The clock almost struck ten when their gathering finally ended.

Everyone was in a positive mood after the meal because not only did they eat their fill, but they also had a great time with Roxanne.

As for Roxanne, because she had received toast after toast during dinner, she ended up feeling tipsy.

The alcohol made her swoon as she walked out of the private room.

“Let me send you back,” Colby said worriedly, looking at her.

A mild pain spread in her head, and she frowned. “I’m good. You don’t have to. All of you should just go home. It’s late. Bye!”

Then she turned and walked toward the entrance without waiting for Colby’s reply.

When she was out, she realized the sky was pouring, and many people from the hotel were stranded at the entrance waiting for the rain to stop.

Because Roxanne did not have an umbrella and she could not drive, she had no choice but to wait at the entrance together with everyone else while she
looked for a driver.

Yet it seemed that everyone there was also looking to hire drivers, so Roxanne ended up waiting for a long time.

Just as she was contemplating canceling her request for a driver and asking Madilyn to pick her up, a familiar voice rang out from beside her.

“Mr. Farwell, it’s raining outside. I have an umbrella, so I’ll just wait for you at the hotel entrance.” It was Cayden. He was standing not far away from
Roxanne with a black umbrella in his hand as he spoke respectfully over the phone.

It so happened that he looked up when Roxanne turned toward him, and their eyes met. “Ms. Jarvis!” he greeted while he was still on the phone.

A brief silence came from the other end of the call.

Roxanne’s face fell. She knew for sure that Lucian had heard that.

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