Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 254

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 254 – Lucian had just sat down with Estella when he felt her twisting around in his arms.

He frowned in puzzlement. Meanwhile, Estella was staring fixedly at Roxanne. Ms.Jarvis hasn’t carried me in a long time.

I want her to carry me too. Also, being held by Daddy isn’t comfortable at all.

Roxanne had planned to ignore Lucian and Estella, but with the little girl staring so intently at her,

she had no choice but to turn her head and glance over. “Ms. Jarvis.” Estella reached out her arms toward Roxanne, wanting the latter to carry her.

Observing that Roxanne was already struggling with Archie, Lucian tightened his hold and trapped Estella in his arms.

“Stop messing around, Essie.” Feeling more and more uncomfortable, Estella began squirming around even more.

“I want Ms.Jarvis to carry me!” By then, a few people had noticed how Estella was making a fuss.

Not wanting to attract even more attention, Roxanne nodded at Lucian. “Give her to me.

I’ll carry her! Then, she extended an arm toward Estella. The little girl leaned into her embrace almost immediately.

After taking Estella, Roxanne now had to carry two children on her lap. Hence, her seat was getting a little cramped.

Furrowing his brows, Lucian said softly, “Let me take Archie.” Roxanne was taken aback upon hearing that.

Thinking of Archie’s relationship with Lucian, she felt conflicted.

Moreover, she had noted how her son resented Lucian and didn’t think Archie would agree, especially since Archie was usually cold and indifferent.

But to her surprise, the boy in her arms actually stretched his arms toward Lucian.

Roxanne’s and Lucian’s expressions shifted as soon as they saw Archie’s response.

S A hint of surprise flashed across Lucian’s eyes as he had not expected Archie to agree to his offer.

Then, he reached out and carried the boy over. As for Roxanne, she lowered her gaze as an inexplicable sense of fear rose within her.

Archie only did that because he did not want Roxanne to tire herself out. Although he had stretched his arms toward Lucian, his expression was tense.

And once Lucian carried him, he sat without moving and merely stared straight ahead.

It was Lucian’s first time holding another child apart from Estella, so his movements were somewhat careful.

As Benny sat in the middle and watched Archie getting carried by Lucian, he could not help feeling a little envious.

After that, all of them fell silent. Only Estella was in high spirits as she sat on Roxanne’s lap and happily played with the latter’s fingers.

None of them uttered a single word throughout the journey. Finally, they arrived at their destination.

Archie leaped down from Lucian’s arms as soon as the bus came to a stop and stood next to Bennyas they waited to get off the bus.

Roxanne also put Estella down, letting her return to Lucian.

As they got off the bus, Roxanne went back to holding Archie’s and Benny’s hands while Lucian held Estella’s.

It was as though the scene on the bus had never happened. Once outside, they were greeted by a stretch of verdant greenery.

The site the kindergarten had chosen for the tree planting was a botanical garden in the suburbs.

It was situated halfway up a mountain, surrounded by lush forests, and appeared to be brimming with energy and life.

The only thing was that it was in quite a remote area with only one hotel nearby.

Pippa had contacted the person in charge of the hotel on the way there, hoping to secure another room for Lucian and Estella at the last minute.

But when she found out the rooms were fully booked, she felt both anxious andregretful.

She went looking for Lucian immediately after getting off the bus.

“Mr. Farwell, the rooms at the hotel are fully occupied, so I’m afraid you’ll have to share a room with one of the other parents.”

Lucian frowned and glanced at Estella. I don’t mind sharing a room with others, but Essie may not be willing to do so.

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