Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 255

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 255 – Seeing that there was no other alternative at that point, Lucian nodded in agreement.

Hence, Pippa gathered the other parents and asked who would be willing to share their room with Lucian.

Estella was holding Lucian’s hand, and when she heard what Pippa said, she instantly glanced toward Roxanne.

I want to sleep with the beautiful Ms. Jarvis! With Lucian’s identity and exceptional good looks, it did not take long for a group of parents to swarm forward and express their willingness to let him share their rooms.

There were even some ladies who rushed over with their children.

Due to her autism, Estella paled when she found herself surrounded by a group of strangers.

She broke free from his grasp and darted away when Lucian was not paying attention.

She ran straight into Roxanne, who happened to be standing at the periphery while waiting.

Lifting her gaze, Estella stared at her. “What’s the matter, Essie?” Roxanne could not help feeling worried when she saw the expression on the girl’s face.

Estella grabbed the hem of Roxanne’s skirt and declared with a determined look in her eyes, Stay with Ms. Jarvis!”

Hearing that, Roxanne froze. if it were only Essie, naturally, I wouldn’t refuse.

However, if I agree to let her stay with us, it’ll mean that Lucian will be in the same room too!

Roxanne had no idea how she would bring herself to face such a situation. Lucian was about to get Estella to come back after seeing her run off.

However, a sudden realization struck him when he saw that she had gone to Roxanne.

Estella doesn’t know any parents here except for Roxanne. If I don’t want her to get scared, the only solution is to stay with Roxanne.

However, I don’t know what Roxanne thinks about this. With that thought in mind, Lucian smiled and nodded at the others,

then strode over to Roxanne. He asked in a low voice, “Ms.Jarvis, would it be convenient for you to take Essie and me in?”

Stunned, Roxanne lookedup when she heard him say those words. I thought he’d think the same way as me…

I didn’t expect he would take the initiative to make such a request of me… For a moment, Roxanne was at a loss for what to say.

Naturally, she had no desire to stay in the same room as Lucian. However, she could not help but worry about Estella.

Estella still looked pale after getting startled earlier, and when she saw that Roxanne appeared reluctant to let Lucian and herself stay with them,

her eyes reddened, and she lowered her head sadly. The parents who Lucian had turned down the offers of their rooms had trailed after him.

They already felt jealous when they saw Lucian ask to stay with Roxanne after rejecting them,

but the sight of Roxanne’s reluctance irked them even ore. “Essie likes you so much, Ms. Jarvis.

How could you have the heart to make a child feel so miserable?” one of them asked. “Even if you’re unwilling, you should make it clear.

We’re ready to welcome Mr.Farwell and Essie with open arms!” someone else remarked.

Roxanne’s expression darkened as more and more of them made comments about her.

Meanwhile, Lucian swept an icy gaze over the people who had spoken. They shuddered and fell silent upon meeting his eyes.

Then, Lucian withdrew his gaze and looked at Roxanne. “Essie’s condition is a little unique. She can’t accept living with strangers.

It’s rare for her to like someone as much as you, Ms.Jarvis, so I hope you’ll agree to let us stay with you for her sake.”

Essiehad been behaving so normally around Roxanne to the point that she had forgotten about the child’s condition.

Now that Lucian had mentioned it, she felt a pang in her heart as she recalled the startled look on Estella’s face earlier.

Pippa also came over and gazed at Roxanne with a look of distress. “I’m so sorry to trouble you, Ms.Jarvis.

If you’re agreeable to it, I’ll let you have the large room with the twin beds. It’ll be more convenient that way.”

Seeing how pitiful Estella looked, Roxanne sighed inwardly. “Very well, then. Thank you, Ms.

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