Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 253

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 253 – When everyone had finally arrived, Pippa asked them to gather around before letting them board the bus according to the list of names compiled the previous night.

Roxanne, Archie, and Benny were right at the end of the list.

The others in the class did not have siblings, so Roxanne was the only one who had two kids with her.

Hence, the arrangement was for them to sit in the last row.

After calling Archie’s and Benny’s names, Pippa looked up to confirm their presence when she spotted the person standing next to Roxanne.

“Mr. Farwell, what are you…Is Estella going as well?” Lucian nodded indifferently.

“Estella wants to join too.” Hearing that, Pippa looked a little uncertain. “But…” Essie has never joined this activity in the past.

That’s why I thought she wouldn’t be participating this time and didn’t book their seats on the bus or the hotel room.

Lucian frowned. “Is there a problem?” Pippa looked at him apologetically.

“Seeing that you have never participated before this, I thought you wouldn’t come this time too.

So, you might have to squeeze in with the other parents. Of course, this is my oversight, and I’ll take care of it.”

When collecting the list of names the other day, he didn’t inform me that Estella would be joining.
Neither did he say that she wouldn’t be coming.

Well, I should’ve considered that and set aside two extra seats and a room just in case.

Now that the seating was already planned, she could not think of a way to free up two seats.

Lucian glanced toward the woman next to him. “Ms.Jarvis has two children with her.

I wonder if she’d be willing to let me and Essie have one of her seats.” Roxanne had been preparing to get onto the bus with Archie and Benny, but
when she heard him mention her name, she subconsciously halted her footsteps.

Thanks to Lucian’s suggestion, Pippa turned toward Roxanne immediately.”Ms.. Jarvis, Archie and Benny have always gotten along well with Essie.
Do you think…” In other words, she’s also hoping that I’ll give up one of my seats to him.

But if that happens, well end up sitting together. Roxanne turned and looked at Lucian, then suggested calmly, “Mr.Farwell,

your driver should still be waiting outside, am I right? Why don’t you get your driver to send you and Essie there? It’ll also be more comfortable than
taking the bus.” “I have told the driver to go back first,” he replied without batting an eye.

Roxanne pressed her thin lips together slightly at that, unable to come up with any other excuse to refuse.

Meanwhile, Pippa gazed at Roxanne with a pleading look in her eyes. After a moment’s silence, Roxanne finally relented.

“All right.I’ll sit with Mr.Farwell.” ith that, she turned and boarded the bus. Lucian followed her while holding Estella’s hand.

There were five seats in the last row. A father-daughter pair were already sitting there, and initially, the three remaining seats were for Roxanne, Archie, and Benny.

Roxanne gazed at her two sons, unsure who she should have on her lap.

Considerately, Archie piped up, “Benny wriggles around constantly, so let him have a seat to himself.” Benny had no objections.

I know Mommy loves us both equally. Besides, Archie is right. It’ll be uncomfortable for Mommy and me since I can’t sit still.

Hence, Roxanne carried Archie and placed him on her lap, leaving an empty seat for Lucian and Estella.

As soon as Lucian got onto the bus, all eyes fell on him. Before getting on the bus, the others had seen how Estella treated Roxanne differently.

And now, they watched as he sat next to Roxanne. In an instant, they were somewhat perplexed but did not give it much thought,

thinking that it was just because Archie and Benny were close with Estella.

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