Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 252

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 252 – Estella wore a blue lace top paired with a long white skirt.

She looked like a little princess with a big red ribbon perched on her head and a faint blush on her fair complexion.

Moreover, everyone at the kindergarten knew she was Lucian’s precious daughter,

so when they saw Estella grabbing the hem of a woman’s dress in a pitiable state, the crowd turned the little girl’s direction.

Roxanne had a soft spot for Estella, to begin with. With so many people staring at them, Roxanne was at a loss at that instant.

She glanced at Lucian, who was standing in the distance.

At that moment, he was surrounded by a group of parents and was politely engaged in a discussion, seemingly ignorant oft he ongoing scene on Roxanne’s end.

In the end, she could only retract her gaze, crouched down, and patted Estella s head.

“There’s no way I will dislike you. You’re such a good girl, Essie.” Estella sniffled before complaining in a childish voice,

“You never come to visit me lately, Ms.Jarvis. I miss you so much.” Roxanne’s heart melted at once.

She had the urge to embrace Estella and coax her.

However, because of the many pairs of watchful eyes around them, she could only hold the little girl’s hands and say,

“I’ve been very busy recently and just came back from outstation work two days ago.”

Upon hearing that, a hint of confusion flashed across Estella’s eyes as she looked at Roxanne in bafflement.

“Why did you walk away then?” If Ms.Jarvis likes me, why didn’t she spend more time with me when we finally meet after so long?

Roxanne was rendered speechless by Estella’s question. There was no way she could tell Estella that she had walked away because of her father, Lucian.

Sensing Roxanne’s prolonged silence, Estella began to pout again as disappointment filled her eyes.

Roxanne was overwhelmed by guilt at the sight of Estella’s demeanor.

Just when she was at a loss of how to comfort the little girl, Roxanne felt someone’s shadow loom over her.

She gazed upward. Lucian strode over through the crowd without Roxanne realizing it.

Standing in front of her, Lucian gazed down at her with an unfathomable look on his face.

“Essie, Ms.Jarvis has to take care of Archie and Benny. Let’s not bother her,”

Lucian uttered in a hoarse voice after a few moments and bentdown to hold Estella’s hand.

Feeling reluctant to leave, Estella turned sideways to avoid her father’s hand. Then, she inched closer to Roxanne and said stubbornly, “I want to stay with Ms. Jarvis.“ Lucian and Roxanne’s expressions froze after seeing Estella’s reaction.

Many people around them had been keeping an eye on Lucian’s every movement. As a result, they were all staring in Roxanne’s direction.

Panic surged within her like vomit. When she made the decision to join the activity with Archie and Benny,

Roxanne had actually anticipated something like that would happen. Still, she did not know how to react when she was stuck in that awkward situation.

According to her plan, she should have gotten up and left mercilessly. However, when she met Estella, she could not bring herself to do that.

“Ms. Jarvis, if you don’t mind, why don’t we stick around together for some time?” Lucian straightened himself and gazed at Roxanne.

stella turned to look at Roxanne in anticipation after Lucian uttered those words. Roxanne hesitated briefly before nodding finally.

Meanwhile, Archie and Benny looked at Lucian warily. Nevertheless, they were also looking forward to what would happen next.

Although they did not like their father, that was their first time participating in a class activity.

The two kids were delighted to have both their parents accompanying them. Roxanne stood up and glanced at the crowd.

In the end, she did not reach out to hold Estella’s hand. Lucian understood her concern.

His eyes darkened as he held Estella’s hand and brought her to his side.

This time, Estella did not avoid his approach. She obediently took her father’s hand, but her eyes remained fixed on Roxanne.

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