Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 246

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 246 – The car rolled to a stop at Roxanne’s doorstep.

Thinking about the little ones at home, Roxanne reluctantly gathered her thoughts, beamed at Larry, and said, Thanks for the trouble.

” He nodded and saw her out of the car.He then said in a deep voice, “Please consider what I have said.

”She froze for a moment and inclined her head warily.

After she watched him leave, she adjusted her emotions before turning over to open the door.

Just as it opened, she heard the commotion in the living room. The children were having fun with Madilyn.

Hearing their voices made Roxanne feel inexplicably better. The smile on her face grew wider. “

Mommy! ”Archie saw her first. He immediately broke away from the play and ran to hug her on her legs.

Benny was still playing around with Madilyn. They paused and rushed over after hearing Archie’s excited exclamations.

The children clung to her legs, one on the left and the other on the right.

Roxanne laughed and patted them, “Have you been good?”

Archie and Benny nodded vigorously and exclaimed, “We have been very good!” Madilyn smirked and teased, ”You have caused such a ruckus! Also, you guys were clamoring to get my phone just now.

” They looked at her grumpily, “Mommy wasn’t home yet, we wanted to call her!” Madilyn made a silly face at them. When they asked for her phone earlier on, she knew what they wanted.

At the same time, she heard the sound outside the house and knew that Roxanne was back.

She became playful and wanted to tease them.Roxanne’s heart melted as she observed their squabble, “Just a night and you miss me so much?

”They nodded their heads firmly and replied, “Last night we couldn’t sleep because ) you weren’t around!”

Madilyn pinched their little faces and said, “Didn’t I read you to sleep?” Archie, whose face was pinched, pouted and whined.

“Aunt Madilyn’s voice was not soothing at all, she chased away our sleepiness. ”He made it sounded like a big deal.

Madilyn raised her eyebrows and burst out laughing. Roxanne couldn’t help but chuckle, all of her depressed emotions were put behind the back of her head.

The four of them bantered for a while, and Roxanne grinned at Madilyn, “I can’t thank you enough for these past two days. They must have been naughty.” This is especially true when they were with Madilyn.

Even Archie, who was always • calm would also pep up.

Madilyn glared at her and chided, “What’s with the formality? I am their godmother so taking care of them will only be natural, right? Ldsecretly love to kidnap them home too!”

In response, Archie and Benny shook their heads solemnly and said, “Even if you were to kidnap us, we will still find our way home!” She smacked their foreheads lightly and remarked, “As expected of your sons, these two are just as witty.

” The two children went over to her and held her hands innocently, “But we will also take a good care of you.

Aunt Madilyn is the second best in the world!” Without having to ask, it was easy to know who was the best in the world to them.

Roxanne’s smile grew wider.

As night fell, she suggested, “Let’s eat out tonight! What would you want to have?

” Benny raised his arm and answered, “BBQ!” Despite being raised overseas, Archie and Benny couldn’t get enough of it after Madilyn brought them over a few times.

Roxanne smiled and agreed, fetching the three of them out for a meal.

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