Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 245

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 245 – On the way back, Cayden gingerly peeked at Lucian through the rearview mirror as the former was in the front passenger seat. Throughout the ride, Lucian’s brows remained deeply furrowed.

The tension in the car was so thick that one could cut it with a knife. Cayden had been Lucian’s subordinate for a long time, and the former had
never seen his employer so vexed before. For a moment, Cayden felt puzzled, as he was not sure what kind of feelings Lucian had for Roxanne.

Could he have feelings for Ms. Jarvis… But Mr. Farwell is engaged to Ms. Pearson, and he has never denied that to the public.
On the other hand, if he doesn’t like Roxanne… Ever since Roxanne’s return, Cayden clearly felt that Lucian had changed.

The way Lucian treated Ms.Pearson was utterly different from the way he treated Roxanne.

When Lucian was with Aubree, he would fulfill every request she had, but he seemed to be emotionless with her.

Meanwhile, when Lucian was with Roxanne, he would have mood swings. For example, he flew into a rage because he saw her having a close
relationship with another man.

Besides, Lucian’s protectiveness and possessiveness for Roxanne were almost all over his face.

If this isn’t love, does it mean that he’s just refusing to accept the fact that she left without saying goodbye six years ago? The longer Cayden pondered it, the more confused he felt. Meanwhile, Roxanne and Larry were sitting in the backseat of Larry’s car.

As she recalled Lucian’s gloomy expression just now, she felt mixed feelings welling up within her, and she kepstrum for a long time.
After being in contact with Lucian and Roxanne for two days, Larry had a vague guess in his heart.

Besides, he also noticed Lucian’s expression just now, so Larry couldn’t help but ask, “What’s going on between you and Mr. Farwell?” Since Roxanne still
hadn’t pulled herself out of her reverie, she was stunned for a moment and stared at Larry in puzzlement upon hearing miswords.

Seeing her bewildered look, Larry explained, “I don’t know if you’ve noticed that Mr. Farwell treats you very differently.
At least, he treats you better than Aubree.”

Previously, at Alfred’s birthday banquet, Larry had seen Lucian leave Aubree behind and held Roxanne’s hand to lead her out of the venue.

At that time, Larry had caught sight of Aubree’s darkened expression. Besides, Lucian had immediately hung up on Aubree just because Roxanne
almost fell that morning.

If all these signs can’t confirm that Roxanne is someone special to Lucian…When I took her away from Lucian j st now, the grimness on Lucian’s
face said it all. “Larry, what do you mean?” Roxanne knew what Larry was trying to say, but she still feigned ignorance.

Initially, she expected that Larry would follow her lead and drop the matter, but she was wrong. arry pointed it out directly.
“Do you think what kind of feelings Mr. Farwell has for you?” The sudden question caused her heart to skip a beat.

Her pupils contracting, she replied in a self-mocking tone, “I don’t know. At first, I thought he would hate me because of what hapnened six years ago.
But since I met him again, his actions made me a little confused.” Larry spoke solemnly.

“Have it ever crossed your mind that he probably likes you?” As soon as he said that, Roxanne raised her gaze to look at him in shock.

Larry’s expression remained solemn. “Larry, don’t simply make assumptions without evidence.” Roxanne averted her eyes apprehensively.

“No matter what kind of feelings he has for me, we are just friendly strangers now. There’s nothing more than that.

Besides, he is about to get engaged to Aubree.” Ever since she met Lucian again, she had several guesses about how Lucian felta bout her, but she had never thought of the possibility of him liking her.

Besides, she also had a feeling that it was not a romantic interest. After all, she could still how much Lucian liked Aubree six years ago.

This is not the way Lucian behaves when he has feelings for the person.

Upon seeing her denying the claim, Larry knitted his brows slightly and keep his silence.

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