Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 247

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 247 – After Lucian came back from Bellridge, he went straight to the Farwell Group. By the time he finished all the piled-upwork, it was already evening.

When he was back at the manor, he saw Estella lying on the table in the living room, drawing with such concentration.

At the sight of Lucian, she put down her crayon and walked toward him with short strides.

Lucian leaned over and patted her head, “Do you miss Daddy?”

She nodded.

He started smiling when he saw her response.

He then stood up and called for Catalina to enquire on Estella’s daily needs for the past two days.

He was relieved when he heard that she has been good.

After greeting Lucian, Estella skittered back to the table and continued drawing.

He went over and took a look, and saw five characters in her drawing.

Two boys were being held by a long-haired woman who was wearing a dress, and a little girl was being held by a tall man in blackshirt.

With just a glance, Lucian knew who she was drawing.

Reminiscing the past two days with Roxanne, his eyes darkened.

Her desire to leave him was written all over her face.

But she always had a soft spot for Estella.

After noticing that she had finished her drawing, he took out two figurines from the study and set before her.

These were bought together with the Lego for Archie and Benny.

Estella tilted her head, looking puzzled.

“I bought gifts for Archie and Benny during my work trip.

Please help daddy to pass them to the boys tomorrow, okay?” He said softly.

“And thank them for taking care of you in the kindergarten.”

Upon hearing that there were presents for Archie and Benny,her eyes sparkled and she nodded excitedly.

The next day, Roxanne sent the children to school early in the morning to avoid meeting Lucian.

Even if he tried to stop her at the gate of the kindergarten, Lucian knew she might just ignore him.

Therefore, he still dropped Estella to school at the usual time.

Estella seemed disappointed when she did not see the sight of Roxanne.

However, she brightened up in anticipation after looking at the two figurines in her hands.

** She walked into the classroom and saw Archie and Benny were already on their seats.

She beamed and approached them, “Good morning, Archie and Benny.”

Both of them had always been taking care of Estella, as instructed by their mother.

When they saw her coming, they also waved and smiled at her.

She made an effort to stand on tiptoe and set the two boxes on their tables, looking at them in anticipation.

“What is this?” They could recognize almost instantly the global limited edition figurines, but were perplexed by her actions so they had to ask.

Her eyes crinkled with smiles and she uttered sweetly, “They are from daddy!”

Upon knowing who the sender was, they frowned.

Although they liked the gifts, they dared not keep them.

Estella had lived with them for a period of time.

She had seen a variety of figurines in their rooms, so she knew how much they would like the gift.

Yet it seemed to take them forever to receive the gift.

She nudged them and urged, “You like these, don’t you?” They tried putting up a stern face to deny her statement, but looking at the figurines, they just couldn’t say it out loud.

Eventually, they relented and said, “It’s too expensive.

Mommy won’t let us take it.” Estella didn’t expect them to reject her.

They also brought up their mother.

She pouted, lowered her eyes and stood pitifully before them, looking as if she would start crying at any moment.

Seeing that, they exchanged a look and said hastily, “Since it is from Essie, we will take it.

Please help us thank Uncle Lucian.” Only then did Estella start to smile again.

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