Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 244

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 244 – It wasn’t until the plane landed that Roxanne removed the blanket on her and sat up calmly with a pair of clear eyes. Lucian turned his head over and glanced at her. He was not surprised to see that she didn’t look. groggy at all.

A hint of self-deprecation surged in his heart, but in the end, he didn’t say a word. Even with how reserved he was now, Roxanne wanted to avoid him.
If he crossed the line again, he was worried that she would hide at a place where he couldn’t reach just like sixyears ago.

It had been difficult to find her, so Lucian did not want to scare her away. The person sitting next to her didn’t bulge.

Roxanne frowned, but she didn’t urge him to move aside. When almost of the people got off the plane, Lucian rose to his feet placidly.

The two then got off the plane one after the other. Meanwhile, Larry and Cayden were already waiting for them outside.

While they were on the plane just now, Larry saw Lucian sitting next to Roxanne, but the plane had taken off, so he couldn’t do anything about it.

Upon seeing Lucian, Larry merely greeted the former out of courtesy, then turned to look at Roxanne. “You don’t have a car.

I’ll send you back.” Roxanne replied with a smile, “Thanks, Larry.” As she spoke, she completely ignored the man beside her and strode over to Larry’s side.

Seeing the woman, who had been giving him the cold shoulder, smile at another man, Lucian was naturally displeased and extended his hand to grab
her wrist.

The smile on Roxanne’s face gradually faded as she turned around to face Lucian.

“Mr. Farwell, what else do you want?” Lucian gazed into her eyes, but he couldn’t find any traces of amicability in them.
What he found were only distance and distress.

Realizing that she didn’t want to communicate with him at all, Lucian tightened his grip on her unthinkingly. “Let me send you.” Upon hearing that, Roxanne forced a smile placidly. “No need. Mr. Farwell, you’re a busy man. I’d better not waste your time.

Besides, I’m closer to Larry than you, Mr. Farwell. I won’t feel burdened if Larry sends me home.” Lucian’s expression turned gloomy instantly.

Although Roxanne had repeatedly emphasized that they were just strangers to one another, it was the first time she said in front of him that she was closer to another man.

Turning a blind eye to the change in his expression, Roxanne looked at the hand gripping hers, then glanced around and noticed that they had attracted
the attention of numerous onlookers. “Mr. Farwell, thank you for your kind offer. If there’s nothing else, let go of me now.

the rise, rumors of us dating will spread. I don’t want Ms. Pearson to misunderstand our relationship.” At the mention of Aubree, Lucian loosened his grip on Roxanne. Because of Aubree, his mother had had serious conversations with him, and it even – caused trouble for Roxanne.

Lucian didn’t want to bring any trouble to her life because of himself. However, Roxanne surmised that he relented because he cared about his
relationship with Aubree. Roxanne couldn’t help but feel a hint of irony in her heart.

Since he cares so much about Aubree, why did he pester me now and again? Not wishing to dwell on that matter, Roxanne shook off his hand and walked over to Larry. “Let’s go.” Larry bobbed his head before nodding to Lucian out of courtesy and leading Roxanne out.

As Lucian watched the two leave side by side, the temperature around him turned colder. All the while, Cayden stood silently at the side.
When he saw that Roxanne had entered Larry’s car, Cayden turned around to look at his employer, feeling nervous.

It wasn’t until Larry’s car left that Cayden spoke tentatively. “Mr. Farwell, we should go too…” Lucian hummed a response, his gaze darkening.

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