Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 243

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 243 – Along while had passed, but the man’s gaze was still fixed on her.

Irritated, Roxanne knitted her brows and raised her hand to pull the blanket up again to have her entire face covered, attempting to reduce the sense of
oppression she felt due to the man’s unrelenting gaze.

However, since she still had her eyes closed, she failed to tug the blanket up when she raised her hand. Instead, the blanket fell.

Sensing that the weight on her had slid off, Roxanne froze for a moment as she wondered if she should open her eyes and pick up the blanket.

But when she thought of her current situation, she feared that the atmosphere would get even more awkward if she let the man know that she had been playing possum. On the other hand, without the blanket, she would feel even more uneasy due to his piercing stare.

While she was still at a loss, the person seated next to her moved, causing Roxanne to tense up immediately.

She had no idea what he was about to do. Moments later, a familiar scent wafted into her nose. With all her might, she forced herself to calm down and not let her eyelids tremble. Soon, the blanket that had fallen off was draped over her again.

Lucian’s movements were gentle. It was as though he was worried he would wake her up. After draping the blanket over her body, he even arranged the blanket nicely for her. Roxanne assumed that he would back off after that, but to her surprise, he did not.

Even when she had her eyes closed, she could still feel his gaze lingering on her face. What is he looking at? Just as she couldn’t help but open her eyes, Lucian averted his gaze.

With that, the pressure Roxanne felt disappeared instantly, and she heaved a sigh of relief, and what followed wasasense of gloominess.
For some reason, she recalled the day when she was down with fever.

When I was fast asleep that day, Lucian probably had taken care of me like how he did justnow. This is something I wouldn’t even dare to imagine in the past, but I didn’t expectit would happen to me so easily today.

She had never thought that the man, who wouldn’t even spare her a glance in the past, would take care of her so thoughtfully and meticulously.
Hit had happened six years ago, she would have been so glad that she would smile in her dream.

But now that she had been through all those, she did not feel happy at all. On the contrary, she only felt troubled. There are things that come too late in life. It’s so late that I don’t even need them anymore. Roxanne scoffed inwardly as that thought crossed her mind.

Sitting at the side, Lucian had been staring at Roxanne for a long while. Similarly, his heart was troubled. Six years ago, Roxanne went missing, and he spent a lot of time and effort to find her. At long last, she was found, but she was no longer looking at him the way she used to be six years ago.

Lucian couldn’t even decipher how he felt when he met her again for the first time. He was both surprised and furious, but the strongest feeling he had at that moment was regret. He regretted he didn’t stop her back then, which caused her to avoid him like the plague.

Their seats were now next to one another, but she pretended to be asleep to avoid sparing himaglance.
Lucian frowned as he cast a complicated look at the woman beside him.

She probably didn’t know what she looked like when she was asleep, much less know how different she was now from it.
Even when he was putting the blanket on her just now, Roxanne obviously went stiff momentarily.

Needless to say, he noticed all the signs, but since she wanted to do that, Lucian wouldn’t expose her.
Sensing that Lucian was staring at her again, Roxanne furrowed her brows slightly.

She groped for the edge of the blanket and pulled it over her head, no longer caring if he would notice that she was faking being asleep.
With that, Lucian’s burning gaze was blocked.

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