Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 242

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 242 – An hour later, on a plane to Horington, Roxanne frowned slightly when she saw the manboarding the plane. She thought Lucian didn’t really mean it.

After all, they bought the tickets in a hurry. Besides, when she had bought the tickets, she saw only three remaining tickets.

After Larry and Roxanne bought their tickets, there was only one ticket left.

Therefore, little did she know that Lucian would buy the last ticket coincidentally.

A trace of regret flashed across her eyes the moment Roxanne saw the man getting closer and closer to her. Just now, she planned to go back by herself, so she only bought a ticket for herself first.

Since she and Larry bought their tickets separately, they didn’t get to sit together, and the seat for the person who had the last ticket was right

Initially, Roxanne didn’t expect that Lucian’s seat would be beside hers, so the thought of changing seats with another person didn’t cross her mind.
Currently, she was at the window seat, and the man had walked up to her, blocking her only escape route.

If she stood up and requested to have her seat changed, her intention to avoid himwould become obvious. While she was still hesitating, the man had already sat down beside her.

Her forehead furrowed, Roxanne snapped out of her reverie and stayed in her seat as that was the only choice she had.
Before Lucian got on the plane, he was still wondering where Roxanne would be seated.

To his pleasant surprise, the moment he boarded the plane, he saw the woman next to his seat. Noticing her reluctance to sit with him, Lucian smirked meaningfully and uttered, “

As I said, I also bought a ticket for this flight. Unfortunately, you and Mr. Morrison didn’t even want to wait for me, Ms. Jarvis.” Roxanne turned her
head away from him and gazed at the scenery outside the window, ignoring him.

Since she couldn’t escape, she planned to treat this man as though he was a stranger and fullback to Harington uneventfully.

However, the person beside her didn’t see eye to eye with her on that. “I’m a bit curious, Ms. Jarvis. Why did you leave in a hurry? I didn’t hear you
mentioning going back to Harington when we had breakfast.” Lucian’s voice rang from the side, histone unfathomable.

Scowling, Roxanne turned over and answered him coldly with another question, “Mr. Farwell, I’m also curious why would you leave your fiancee
behind in Baldridge and go back to Harington by yourself?” — At the mention of his fiancée, Lucian’s gaze darkened.

She pretended that she hadn’t noticed the change in his expression as she continued, “Mr. Farwell, you’re going to get married soon. You should spend
more time with your fiancee at this critical juncture.”

When Lucian was about to reply to her, the woman next to him took out a small blanket and covered herself with it up to her face.
She then turned her back to him and lay down. Through the blanket, her muffled voice sounded.

“I’m tired. I need to rest. Mr. Farwell, please be quiet.” With that, she closed her eyes, and Lucian could only see the back of her head.
In the end, Lucian stopped striking up a conversation with her as he stared quietly at the woman beside him.

Judging from the time Roxanne left and the words she had said just now, Lucian was sure that her abrupt departure had something to do with Aubree.
However, he couldn’t figure out how Roxanne viewed his relationship with Aubree.

If I’m really just a stranger to Roxanne, why is she so hostile toward my rumored fiancee? Roxanne had no idea what he was ruminating about asshe continued to pretend to be asleep.

She originally wanted to “sleep” all the way to Horington in order to avoid the .person next to her.

To her dismay, even with her back to him, she could feel that the man’s prickly gaze was on her, making her unable to doze off.

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