Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 241

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 241 – Aubree only wanted to know if Lucian had come here for Roxanne.

Although she had a rough idea, she still wanted to hear it from Lucian. However, she never thought she would go over the line.

Looking at Lucian’s icy cold expression, Aubree panicked and apologized while keeping her composure, “I’m sorry.

You must have your reason to stay here.” After that, she asked tentatively, “When do you plan to leave? Maybe we can leave together if our imingmatches?” Lucian lifted his gaze and glanced at Cayden.

“Mr. Farwell, I’ve bought the plane tickets,” Cayden said reverently. Luckily, a first-class seat was left when Cayden received the instruction to buy a
plane ticket. “All right. Pack up my luggage and prepare to leave.” Lucian rose to his feet.

He stood in front of the floor-to-ceiling window with a hand in his pocket and looked down.

He thought he could catch up with the two if he left right away and wondered how Roxanne would react when she saw him. Alook of suspicion flashed in Aubree’s eyes when she heard that.

I’ve just arrived, and Lucian is leaving now? Aubree was sure that Roxanne wasn’t planning to leave earlier. Did I overthink it? Is Lucian really here for a business trip? At that thought, Aubree plucked up her courage and asked,

“Areyou planning to leave now? Let’s go back together if you’re not in a rush. I can settle my things quickly.

Just wait for me for a while.” Lucian acted as though he didn’t hear Aubree’s invitation. He said coldly, “I have done my job, so I have no reason to stay here any longer. Maybe you should get back to work since you’re busy.

Don’t loiter around here.” After he said that, he retracted his gaze from her. Aubree stood at the entrance in a daze and took a while to register what was

With tightly clenched fists, Aubree turned around and strode away after she saw that Lucian had no intention of continuing their conversation.
After Aubree left, she saw two housekeepers opening Roxanne’s hotel room.

Her heart sank when she saw that, and she walked over quickly. “Where’s the guest in this room?” “She has checked out,” the housekeeper replied.

Checked out? Aubree looked as if she got struck by lightning. Earlier, Lucian had said he was going to leave too. Aubree had wondered why he was leaving so abruptly. It turned out that it was because Roxanne had left. She had tried so hard to find out the answer from Lucian.

However, she got the answer from the housekeepers instead. Lucian had gone on a business trip to Baldridge abruptly and had stayed in this kind of hotel.
Moreover, he had been staying right next to Roxanne’s room.

And now, he even asked Cayden to buy him a plane ticket as soon as Roxanne left. This was all because he was following Roxanne. Suddenly, Aubree felt her vision going dark, and she couldn’t calm down for a long while.

Although she had speculated this earlier, she still couldn’t accept the reality when she heard it herself. Aubree recovered from the shock after a while. The first thing she did was check the flight schedule back to Harington through her phone.

According to the time when Roxanne and Lucian left the hotel, she reckoned they must have bought the earliest flight ticket.
However, the tickets for the earliest flight were sold out by the time she opened the site.

Aubree’s face was ashen as soon as she saw there were no tickets left. With gritted teeth, she put her phone back in her pocket.
At this moment, Lucian opened the door and walked out of his room.

Aubree opened her mouth and was about to speak. Lucian raised his eyes and glanced in Aubree’s direction. But as if he didn’t see her, he quickly withdrew his gaze. Aubree couldn’t speak up even after the two entered the elevator.

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