Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 240

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 240 – Lucian’s expression dimmed as he watched Roxanne leave.
She had seemed fine this morning and didn’t look as though she wanted toleave.

Thus, Lucian was confused by her sudden decision. If Lucian had heard it right, Roxanne had mentioned that his fiancée was waiting for him in his room.

He wondered what she meant by that. As soon as the two were out of sight, Lucian instructed Cayden in a low voice, “Bathe plane ticket for the earliest flight back to Harington.” Cayden carried out the instruction right away.

Lucian turned around and walked into the elevator with a solemn expression on his face.

He wanted to see the person who dared to claim to be his fiancée since Roxanne had said that his fiancée was waiting for him in his room.

Lucian looked grim when he opened the door. He scanned the room after he entered the room, but no one was inside.

Just as he was about to ask Cayden to find out what was happening, someone . knocked on the door.

Cayden quickly went to open the door. Unsure of what to do when he saw the person standing at the door, he greeted, “Ms.Pearson.”

“Where is Lucian?” Aubree craned her neck to look inside. Aubree was sure she had heard some noise coming from inside Lucian’s room from her room.
Also, Lucian should be back at the hotel at this time.

After looking around, Aubree frowned, as she didn’t see Lucian. Then she tried to enter the room. Seeing that, Cayden swiftly stopped her.

“Ms.Pearson, this is Mr.Farwell’s room. I don’t think it’s appropriate for you to come in.” Aubree ignored him and said,

“It’s just a matter of time for Lucian and me to get married. Why is it inappropriate for me to enter his room? Let me in!”

Cayden didn’t dareto stop Aubree with too much force since she was a lady. Soon, she managed to make her way into the room.

Aubree thought Lucian wasn’t in his room since he didn’t show himself even after she had caused such a big commotion.

To her surprise, she saw Lucian sitting on the couch after she entered the room. Lucian had just returned from his business.

He was sitting upright on the couch with his suit on and his legs crossed and looking at her emotionlessly, which made her feel a sense of oppression.
When Aubree met Lucian’s gaze, she said carefully, “Lucian, you’re here…” Lucian remained expressionless as he stared at her.

It suddenly dawned on him that the fiancee Roxanne had mentioned was Aubree.

Roxanne must have left in a rush because of Aubree’s unannounced arrival. “This is my room. Of course I’m here. As for you, what are you doing here?”
Lucian’s expression turned icy.

Aubree looked away with guilt. “Oh, it’s nothing. I have some work to do here in Baldridge, and Mrs. Farwell told me you’re here for a business trip.

So I’m here to see you.” “Does Pearson Group have a project here in Baldridge? Why didn’t I know that? “Lucian showed no mercy and exposed her.

In recent years, Farwell Group had been acting as the middleman for many projects for Pearson Group.

Hence, it was natural for Lucian to know of their businesses. Aubree’s expression changed, and she clenched her fists.

She steeled herself and said, “We only started negotiating recently. It’s not a done deal yet.

I came here to give it a try.” Aubree was afraid Lucian would continue digging into it, so she immediately changed the topic.

“Oh, right, why are you staying in this kind of hotel? Did your. partner book this for you?” As soon as she finished her sentence, Aubree could
feel thatthe temperature in the room had become colder.

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