Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 2081

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 2081 – Without Regrets A week later, Roxanne picked the largest cemetery plot in West Cemetery for her mother. It was around eighty square meters and appeared very dignified.

It was a sunny day when she relocated her mother’s grave. A prestigious priest performed a ceremony and lowered two urns into the grave.

“Children of the deceased, please step forth!” shouted the priest. Lucian and Roxanne approached the grave before paying their respects.

Behind them, Archie, Benny, and Estella appeared mournful. Estella was even crying. Standing beside the children with sorrowful expressions, Elias and Sonya wished their in-laws would rest in peace. We promise we’ll take good care of your daughter.

Jonathan and Madilyn stood slightly further behind sorrowfully. They were touched after they learned the truth behind the death of Roxanne’s mother.

Even though they were newlywed and shouldn’t have attended the funeral, they still did. Meanwhile, James and Elektra had just arrived to the left of Jonathan.

Behind the youngsters were their elders, which included Zachary, Henrietta, Lorraine, Jones, and Yennefer.

Everyone had a somber expression as they mourned the death of a great mother. The priest continued to chant something until he eventually gestured at the crowd. “Everyone, please pay respect to the deceased…”

The crowd followed the priest’s instructions and completed a series of actions until the ceremony ended.

The instant it did, Roxanne couldn’t help but sob as her body went limp. Lucian had to hold her tightly.

Back then, her mother didn’t receive a funeral like that, so she finally held one that day.

Everyone approached Roxanne and offered her words of comfort as well as encouragement. She looked at all of them with gratitude.

As Lucian gazed at her gently, her children hastily surrounded her. Slowly, Roxanne calmed down. I bet Mom hopes that I can live happily every day.

Hugging her children, she assured them that they had nothing to worry about. Then, she thanked everyone for attending the funeral with her in-laws and her husband.

By the time they wrapped everything up and returned to the manor, the sun had descended below the horizon.

Just as Roxanne sat down, her children flocked to her quietly and obediently. Sonya brought a bowl of soup from the kitchen and served it to Roxanne.

“You should drink some, Roxanne. It’ll relieve your exhaustion.” After nodding, Roxanne drank the soup.

Then she comforted her children and asked them to return to their rooms to do their homework.

Upon receiving a call from Cayden, Lucian said to Roxanne, “Yuliana will likely be sentenced to eight years in prison and have all her properties seized.

As for Yosef, he may be imprisoned for three months due to illegal activities.” Roxanne nodded indifferently.

She had moved on from the past after the funeral. From today onward, I’ll continue my journey solely as Lucian’s wife and the daughter-in-law of the Farwell family.

I’ll live life to the fullest and without regrets. As she laid her hand on her abdomen, she began looking forward to Seward’s and Noreen’s births.

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