Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 2080

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 2080 – Rest In Peace The pain threw Winnie’s mind into chaos as she howled agonizingly.

Suddenly, she began to laugh maniacally. She bit her lip so hard that blood spurted out. Her face contorted as her eyes appeared to be on the verge
of popping out of her skull.

With a sinister sneer, she glared at Roxanne. “So what if I poisoned your mother to death, Roxanne? She only has herself to blame!

That b*tch refused to divorce Grant and kept taking money from him! She’s no better than me! Hahaha…”

Anger rushed into Roxanne’s mind again as she grabbed the seventh needle. However, Lucian stepped toward her and grabbed her.

She’ll become a murderer if I allow her to be blinded by her rage. Yuliana’s eyes reddened from anger as she witnessed her mother writhing in pain. “

How dare you treat my mother like this, Roxanne! I’m going to kill you!” Roxanne had calmed down by then.

Winnie’s pain only needs a few minutes to recede. Since her confession to the crime has been recorded, it’s unlikely she can defend herself before the police in the future.

She’ll get what she deserves. I hope it’ll be a life sentence for her so she can rot in prison until she dies.

Out of nowhere, Winnie pounced toward Roxanne and Lucian with a short dagger in her hand. With a malicious smile, she spat, “Since you’re such a dutiful daughter, how about I send you to your mother so you can be filial to her now!”

The bodyguards’ momentary negligence allowed danger to approach Roxanne. It was then Yuliana struggled fanatically to cooperate with her mother.

Lucian’s expression darkened as he pulled Roxanne to his back. As he watched the blade approach him, his pupils constricted.

He raised his leg and kicked Winnie’s arm away. In an instant, the dagger flew out of Winnie’s grip.

When the bodyguards finally reacted to the situation, they hastily restrained Winnie. Surprisingly, she tore herself away from their hands and sprinted to the highest floor of the mansion.

“You’ll never have your revenge, Roxanne! You’ll never—” Seconds later, Winnie fell from the rooftop. It was as though time had frozen.

Yuliana slumped to the ground while Yosef’s eyes remained wide open. Both were astonished for a long while.

Winnie had committed suicide by jumping off the building. By the time Bill arrived with the police, Lucian and Roxanne were already waiting inside their car beyond the mansion premises.

Yosef and Yuliana were brought away by the police to be interrogated. After Bill asked the police officers to inspect the scene, he approached Lucian’s vehicle and assured the couple, “Everything’s fine.

It’s over. Winnie’s death will be ruled as suicide by jumping. Both of you can return home now. I’ll contact you two if there’s any progress afterward.”

Lucian nodded and handed the recording pen to Bill, who accepted it with a nod. Bill stepped away but returned to inform, “Also, we’ve discovered Yuliana may have been suspected of illegally siphoning public deposits a few years ago.

She had stolen a considerable amount of money. If the case is formed, she’ll spend a few years in prison.” Again, Lucian nodded.

During the entire process, Roxanne was in a slight daze as she clutched the ring in her left hand. Mom, Winnie’s dead! You can rest in peace now!

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