Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 2082

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 2082 – Extra 1

In the scorching summer heat of August, the temperature in Horington had risen to thirty degrees Celsius since the early mornings.

The entire city felt as hot as a bun in a steamer if it wasn’t for the occasional sea breeze.

In the obstetrics and gynecology department of Flora Verba Hospital, Roxanne felt wave after wave of contractions squeezing her abdomen.

The sweat dotting her forehead, the deep crease between her brows, and her tightly-clenched jaw showed her fight to keep the pain from showing on her face. Lucian held her hand tightly with his right hand.

From his wife’s iron grip, he could guess the intensity of the pain racking through her. Lines of worry etched on his face. His eyes were filled with distress.

Lowering his head, he brushed his lips against Roxanne’s forehead, trailed it to the tip of her nose, and finally stopped at the corner of her lips.

“Darling, hold on. You can do it. Archie, Benny, and Essie are all waiting outside. They’re all shouting encouragements at the top of their lungs,” Lucian kept cheering her with a gentle tone.

Roxanne nodded. A blissful smile stretched across her face. “I know. Don’t worry. It should be faster this time.”

Beside her, doctors and nurses stood alert and ready. After all, their director was delivering a baby, so the pressure on their shoulders was heavy.

Soon after, the doctor gently urged, “We’ll be pushing her in now, Mr. Farwell. Please wait here.” Lucian nodded before slowly releasing Roxanne’s hand.

He turned around, left the delivery room of the obstetrics and gynecology department, and waited in the hallway.

Elias and Sonya were already pacing up and down. Their anxiety was written across their faces. “Daddy, is Mommy in pain?”

Estella ran toward her father with tears streaming down her cheeks. Her worry was evident since she had heard her mother cry out from pain earlier.

Despite having some basic knowledge about a delivery, Archie and Benny were nervous too. Their gazes were pinned on their father as they waited for his answer.

“She’s fine. Don’t worry. We have to trust your mommy since she’s the best. You’ll get to see your brother and sister before long!”

Lucian comforted, trying his best to look calm. Elias was suddenly reminded of something and immediately ordered Sonya, “Prepare the seaweed soup
now! Roxanne can have some right after delivering the baby.”

Lucian asked with a frown, “Can she drink it immediately after giving birth?” “Of course, she can. I even prepared some mushroom soup for her.

She will have to replenish all the nutrients her body has lost as quickly as possible. A natural birth is much easier than a C-section,” Sonya said before turning on her heels and getting busy with the preparations.

Lucian continued to assure the children and did his best to answer all their questions about their soon-tocome siblings.

Not long after, Madilyn and Jonathan also arrived at the hospital. “How long has she been in there, Lucian?” Madilyn asked. “Not long, just two minutes.”

After hearing Lucian’s reply, Madilyn hurriedly raced into the medical staff’s changing room and changed into a sterile surgical gown.

When she was done changing, she strode toward the delivery room. Then looking over her shoulder at the kids, she said, “I’m going in to take care of your mommy, kids. Don’t worry!

Everything is going to be fine!” The children nodded and yelled, “Thank you, Aunt Madilyn!”

Shortly after Madilyn entered the room, the cries of two babies could be heard through the wall. Everyone’s expression in the hallway froze briefly.

Once it registered in their brains, joy filled their eyes. “Finally, the babies are here! Please let Roxanne and the babies be safe and healthy,” Sonya prayed under her breath.

Jonathan turned to Lucian and congratulated him, “Congratulations, Lucian, on getting another boy-girl twin!” Lucian’s smile widened.

The children cheered happily, “Mommy gave birth! Our brother and sister are here! How awesome is that! Mommy’s the best!”

Madilyn rushed out of the delivery room and took off her face mask, revealing a happy smile. “Both Roxanne and the twins are healthy.

The twins are in good shape. I can see the healthy blush underneath their fair skin. They weigh around two point seven-five kilograms each.

That’s a healthy weight. Congratulations.”

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