Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 2079

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 2079 – Experience The Pain Winnie paled after she listened to Roxanne’s words.

An idea popped into her mind and she defended herself, “What nonsense are you speaking of, Roxanne? When did I do such a thing?

Don’t spout baseless accusations like that!” Unbeknownst to her, she had already fallen into Roxanne’s trap.

“You didn’t do it? So you’re saying you didn’t use Yosef in your scheme? I know you poisoned my mother with a small amount of mercury two or three times a month.

The accumulated toxins in her body were enough to kill her in just a few years. I can’t believe you would use your young child for this wicked plan.

Were you even worried he’d ingest it by mistake?” The rage and hatred burning in Roxanne’s eyes were so intense that it scared Winnie.

The older woman couldn’t help but avoid eye contact with the younger woman and trembled. “How dare you still defend yourself, Winnie!

A few days ago, I couldn’t do anything to you. However, I’m here now because I have enough evidence to prove you used Yosef to poison my mother!

The police are on the way, so just wait for your doom!” Despite Roxanne’s overwhelming contempt, she still retained her rationality.

Instead of stopping his wife, Lucian recorded the conversation. Yuliana was bewildered. I knew Mom poisoned Roxanne’s mother, but I’d never heard of the details before.

Yosef was even more dumbfounded. Did I really help Mom poison someone else in the past?

An abrupt silence ensued before Winnie exploded in anger, “So what if I did it? I don’t believe you have enough evidence to confirm that I poisoned her!

The water dispenser she used back then disappeared a long time ago! Yosef was still young back then, so he can’t testify to anything.

Even if you examine her corpse now, the most you’ll discover is that she’s poisoned! There’s nothing you can do to me! I’m not afraid even if you call the cops!”

I’ve never been driven into a corner by anyone before, and I certainly can’t stand Roxanne’s arrogant attitude!

Following the admittance of her crime, she smirked coldly and mockingly. Roxanne was stunned. Now, I’ve learned the whole truth.

My guess is that Winnie probably failed to convince Grant to let her stay in his place at the start. Hence, she devised a plan to use Yosef to compel
Mom to accept her.

After that, Grant lied about picking up an orphan and kept Yosef somewhere else. Then he asked Mom to take care of Yosef, which she occasionally did.

During that time, Winnie concocted her diabolical plan. She poisoned the water dispenser with a small amount of mercury.

Mom has no reason to be wary of a young child, so every time Yosef served her a cup of water, she would be poisoned.

In reality, Mom noticed the poison only after drinking the water once or twice. However, in order to keep gathering the funds for my ludicrously expensive treatment fee, she hid the truth to avoid falling out with Grant.

Thus, time and again, she allowed herself to be poisoned. Roxanne felt as if her heart had been torn apart, tears gushing out of her eyes.

“You’re an animal, Winnie! Since you’ve admitted to your crime, you should understand why I came here before the police did!

It’s because I want to kill you with my own hands!” She pulled out six silver needles and attacked Winnie.

In a flash, she stabbed the needles into different spots on Winnie’s body. Winnie only experienced minor pain when she was stabbed.

However, when all needles were in position, she abruptly shook violently and felt as though blood would explode from her brain.

An agonizing burning sensation rapidly spread throughout her body, making her feel as though her bones had been broken.

The pain was so unbearable that even her soul trembled. It was the last move of Cerulean Needle Technique.

If Roxanne were to use all eight needles of the move, Winnie could die from the pain.

However, Roxanne only used six because she merely wanted Winnie to experience the pain her mother had to endure in the past.

Even though it only lasted a little over ten seconds, Winnie was already wailing and shrieking.

Now, you know the pain Mom had to live with every day until she passed. Roxanne gazed at Winnie coldly. “Ahh! What did you do to me, Roxanne?

Yosef, Yuliana, save me! Save me! It’s so painful! My entire body… My blood… It feels like it’s burning! Ahh!”

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