Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 2078

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 2078 – Cruel It took less than thirty seconds for the electric saw to sever the metal chain.

Soon after, the gate dropped to the ground as well. Lucian and Roxanne stepped past the gate. Yuliana rushed downstairs, shocked.

When she saw the couple, she exclaimed panickily, “What are you two doing? It’s illegal to break into someone else’s home! I’m going to call the police.”

She raised her phone, acting as though she would make the call. Furiously, Roxanne darted toward Yuliana, snatched her phone, and smashed it on the ground.

It feels so good being the baddie! I’ve been the good guy for my entire life. It’s because of my kindness that I keep getting taken advantage of.

However, I know that when dealing with shameless people, the best strategy is to be even more shameless than them!

This way, they won’t know what to do! Yuliana was startled for a few seconds and was unable to stop Roxanne’s advancement. “Come out, Winnie!”

“What are you doing, Roxanne? Get out of—” Slap! Roxanne slapped Yuliana’s cheek as though announcing she didn’t plan to interact with the family

So what if I’m being violent today? I’ve lost all my patience after reading about the agony my mother had to live through until her life was taken by Winnie!
Yuliana was astonished by the slap.

When she returned to her senses, she tried to halt Roxanne from venturing deeper into the building, but the bodyguards stopped her.

Lucian supported his wife’s actions tacitly. Fear struck Yosef when he saw Roxanne. However, he couldn’t leave the couch in the living room due to
his plastered arms.

All he could do was squirm about on the furniture, which made for a humorous sight. Meanwhile, Winnie dashed into the kitchen, terrified.

Seconds later, she returned with a knife in her hand and a vicious scowl on her face. “What are you trying to do, Roxanne?

I know you want revenge, but you haven’t been able to. Isn’t that right? If even the police can’t do anything to me, what can you possibly hope to achieve? I suggest you leave this place right away!

Otherwise, I won’t hesitate to use this knife!” The situation suddenly turned tense.

Then Lucian entered the room, with his bodyguards pushing Yuliana forward, and appeared before Winnie.

Immediately, he caused the older woman to experience an emotional breakdown. “Be sensible, Winnie. If you don’t want Yosef and Yuliana to see blood today, give up on this pointless resistance right now!”

He emphasized every single word he uttered. The murderous intent on his face certainly dissuaded anyone from doubting him.

In the past, Roxanne might’ve been afraid of the sharp knife. However, driven by boundless hatred at that moment, she scoffed and stepped closer to Winnie.

Gritting her teeth, she interrogated, “I found the will my mother left behind, Winnie! I dare to visit you today because I have the evidence that proves you were the one who poisoned my mother!

I just don’t understand how you can be this heartless. You’ve already replaced my mother and snatched Grant that garbage from her.

Why did you still kill her?” Winnie was shocked by that revelation. Her eyes darted around as she denied, “I didn’t! You’d better watch your mouth.

I don’t believe your mother’s will contains anything that proves I’m the culprit!” “Still denying your crime, are you?

It seems you won’t admit your fault until I make you!” The animosity swirling in Roxanne’s eyes was so intense that it frightened Winnie.

If she’s looking at me like that, it must mean she has evidence to incriminate me! Winnie turned to her daughter as though she was waiting to be

Yuliana was taken aback, too. It’s been more than a decade! Did Roxanne’s mother really leave evidence of Mom’s crime behind?

“You’re a cruel woman, Winnie! You charmed Grant with your sweet nothings and used Yosef to force my mother to accept you!

Grant brought him to my mother because he’s a foolish man! Do you know why she helped you and that cheating b*stard to take care of Yosef?

It’s because she was saving my life!” Promptly, Roxanne stood before Winnie. The bodyguards speedily disarmed Winnie and seized her arms.

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