Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 2077

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 2077 – Tears When Roxanne finished reading the will, she wailed uncontrollably.

Sorrow flooded her heart as she muttered, “My mom’s life was filled with so much agony!”

She turned her teary eyes to her husband, looking like a frightened little animal trembling helplessly.

Even Lucian couldn’t stop his warm tears from streaming down his cheeks after reading the will.

Rage then colored his countenance as he gritted his teeth and spoke with murderous intent. “We must avenge your mother, Darling!

Winnie is a monster wearing a human’s skin!” After Bill read the will, he remained silent for a long while.

Hugging Lucian, Roxanne continued to sob. I finally understand what happened to Mom now that I’ve read her will.

I was too young back then to remember much, but now I know she wasn ‘t a puppet controlled by Grant with love.

To collect enough money to pay the exorbitant treatment fee for my congenital disorder, sheobeyed him and took care of little Yosef She even noticed she was being poisoned and speculated that Winnie directed Yosef to do it.

Why were you so foolish, Mom? Why didn’t you expose them when you knew you were being poisoned? If not for me, perhaps your fate would’ve been different.

Yet, I understand how you feel now that I have my own children. I’ll also sacrifice anything for them, even my life.

Here, she put on the ring. I’m all grown up now, Mom. I also have a husband and children. Don ‘l worry. I won’t be bullied anymore.

I will avenge you, Mom. There’s no way I’ll let Winnie get away with this scotfree! I promise! Then she turned to Lucian with a resentful scowl.

“Let’s pay Winnie a visit now! I refuse to believe she’ll remain fearless and never admit to her crime!” Nodding, Lucian glanced at Bill.

Bill said, “The will can’t be used as evidence. However, you can utilize its contents to bait Winnie into confessing.

As for Yosef, he likely won’t be charged with any crimes. He was too young back then, so he couldn’t have committed the crime intentionally.”

Even though I’ve seen plenty of cases over the years, I still can’t help but be touched by the sacrifice of Roxanne’s mother.

Without delay, Lucian and Roxanne set off to look for Winnie. Dots were spotted on the will Roxanne was holding tightly.

They were likely her mother’s tears when the will was written. Lucian drove to the mansion on the outskirt as quickly as possible.

At that moment, the mansion was filled with silence. novelxo After their unsuccessful escape last night, Winnie and her children were devising a new getaway plan inside.

They even locked the iron gate with chains, making it difficult for anyone to break in. Lucian and Roxanne frowned when they saw that upon alighting from their vehicle. Swiftly, he called his head bodyguard. “Take down this iron gate!

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