Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 2069

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 2069 – Evidence Against Us Meanwhile, in a mansion on the outskirts, Winnie was pacing about restlessly and checking her phone for the time almost every other minute.

Yosef, on the contrary, could only lay on the couch, unable to move because both his arms were in a cast. Argh! I hate Lucian Farwell!

He could’ve hit me anywhere, yet he just had to break my arms… I can’t even use my phone or play cards now!

Upon seeing how uneasy his mother was, Yosef couldn’t help but sigh. “Mom, don’t you think you’re worrying unduly?

You were so calm and steady at the police station… Why are you so scared now that you’re back?” “You know nothing!

I’m worried that whatever Roxanne’s mother left behind might contain evidence of our crimes!” Winnie fumed as she glared at her son.

For a moment, Yosef was shocked, but he quickly got over it and grew cold as ice. “What evidence? That has nothing to do with me!

I don’t even remember having taken part in anything… You were the one responsible for poisoning Roxanne’s mother to death.”

Needless to say, Winnie was furious at how her son was acting so frivolously. h, the audacity! Does he not know what I’ve done for him?

I only did what I did for him and his sister! That’s it… It’s time to lay my cards on the table! “

Oh, you were a part of it,” Winnie muttered as she fixed a steely gaze upon her son. “In fact, you were the one who carried out the deed.”

Yosef was so stunned at his mother’s claims that he would’ve jumped from the couch if it weren’t for his broken arms.

“Don’t spout nonsense, Mom,” he retorted. “I was only five years old then, for goodness’ sake. How would I have helped you murder someone at that

You should turn yourself in if you’re so scared!” That, unfortunately, was the last straw for Winnie.

Without a second thought, she rushed up to Yosef and slapped him hard across the cheek. “It’s just my luck to have a son as useless as you!

Why is my life so full of suffering? I want you out of my sight once your sister is back!” she yelled before bursting into tears.

Seeing his mother racked with sobs, Yosef gritted his teeth and tamped down his irritation. “That’s enough.

Why are you crying when you were the one who slapped me? Anyway, Yuliana’s almost home. It’d be better to have her help you since I can’t do much in my current condition.”

Just then, the sound of car horns rang out from the courtyard. “Stop crying, Mom. I think Yuliana’s back.”

Winnie’s sobs stopped abruptly as she dabbed away the tears she had so painstakingly squeezed out for the act.

She rushed down the stairs to welcome her beloved daughter. Sure enough, Yuliana had arrived home with four strangers in tow.

The men were in all shapes and sizes, yet they were so ordinarily bland that no one on the streets would give them a second look.

That characteristic, however, was what gave them the best cover. After all, their job entailed helping wealthy folks tackle some of the trickiest cases-from investigating a homewrecker to catching a cheating spouse in the act.

Winnie’s face lit up when she finally saw Yuliana, but the same couldn’t be said for the latter.

“Mom, you’d better be careful,” Yuliana muttered sternly as she marched into the living room with the four men following behind. “

You’ve just been released from the police station, so I’m sure your every move will be monitored. You haven’t gone out, have you?”

At first, Winnie shook her head, but it didn’t take long before she started squirming under her daughter’s stare.

“I-I did go out for a while last night. Will I really be followed? The police don’t have any evidence, though…”

Yuliana’s face instantly turned black as thunder. “What makes you think you’ll be safe outside? Tell me. Where on earth did you go?

Do you think Roxanne will let you off the hook that easily?” Stunned by how grim Yuliana was, Winnie began to regret her own actions.

“I was going to go to the Jarvis residence, but in the end, I got so worried that I passed by it without stopping. T-That isn’t enough to expose me, is it?”

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