Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 2068

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 2068 – Destroy The Evidence As the wedding day progressed, Jonathan and Madilyn began to feel the brunt of the hectic schedule and complained non-stop.

After all, neither of them knew weddings would be so tiring. Thankfully, after the ring exchange and a passionate kiss between the newlyweds, the wedding ceremony finally ended at three in the afternoon.

“Wow! Who knew Jonathan had such a fiery side to him? Guess I was just too reserved back then!” Lucian teased as he gazed at Roxanne.

To the latter, however, the first kisses between newlyweds were always the most romantic and beautiful.

When Roxanne turned around, Lucian suddenly pulled her into his arms and kissed her fervently. Needless to say, the woman was taken aback.

Oh, my… Thank goodness we’re watching the ceremony from backstage, so there aren’t many people around.

Otherwise, what would they say about an old married couple like us behaving so intimately? Soon, it was time for the wedding reception.

Lucian and Roxanne had initially planned on staying for the entire course, but as luck would have it, Bill called to inform them of the latest case developments.

Despite the building anxiety, Roxanne composed herself and waited for their turn to toast the newlyweds.

As soon as the happy couple appeared, Lucian and Roxanne congratulated them and showered them with loving wishes and blessings.

After the toast, Lucian promptly pulled Jonathan aside and whispered something into his ear. Fortunately, the latter was very understanding and expressed his approval.

At the same time, Roxanne turned to Lorraine. “Mdm. Xander, my parents will be bringing the children over in a while. I’ll have to leave them in your care.”

Zachary and Henrietta, too, nodded their heads and reassured Roxanne that everything would be fine.

“Roxanne, there’s not much left to do for the rest of the reception. Why don’t you go off first if you have something on? Don’t worry.

Your kids will be in good hands. After all, I’m their godmother!” Madilyn piped up.

Upon hearing that, Roxanne felt even more at ease and immediately left for the police station with Lucian.

Bill, who had long been waiting for them at the entrance, hurriedly approached their car when he saw them driving in.

“After Winnie was released, we found something puzzling about one of her recent activities.

She called her daughter, Yuliana, who had apparently hired a few men and are now on their way to Chanaea,” Bill reported.

“That’s all the information I got.” Roxanne’s heart began thudding in her chest. “Do you think Winnie’s trying to destroy the evidence?”

“In other words, her previous quarrel with Grant might not have been an ordinary confrontation. She went to him because there was evidence left in the Jarvis residence,” Lucian said.

Bill nodded in affirmation. “In that case, who could Yuliana have hired?” Roxanne asked curiously.

Bill and Lucian exchanged knowing looks. Lucian narrowed his eyes ever so slightly and said, “If I’m not wrong, she must’ve hired private investigators to destroy the evidence!”

“As expected of Mr. Farwell! That’s what I thought, too!” Bill replied, albeit with a hint of hesitation. “But why would Winnie do something so reckless when she has just been investigated?

That’s a far cry from the calm demeanor during her questioning! Could she be intentionally diverting our attention to the Jarvis residence?”

“Even if that’s her plan, it doesn’t matter. I have enough people to watch over them. The only one who’d work with her at this juncture is her son, Yosef Jarvis…” Lucian muttered.

With that, he called Cayden and ordered him to put twenty bodyguards at Bill’s disposal.

Even though Bill was highly-respected and wielded a good deal of authority in the police station, the fact that he was retired meant that he didn’t have the power to deploy officers at the drop of a hat.

“From the looks of it, we haven’t searched thoroughly enough for my mother’s heirloom! Mr. Chapman, I shall return to the Jarvis residence with Lucian to look around again!”

Roxanne was getting increasingly anxious. Bill nodded and watched as the couple sped away in their car.

Not long after, Cayden brought a team of men to the station as instructed. Pleased with the turnout, Bill smiled and instantly got down to work.

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