Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 2070

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 2070 – She Must Be The Culprit After treating the four private investigators to a feast and drinks, Winnie went upstairs with Yuliana to have a discussion with her.

Upon seeing how miserable her brother was, Yuliana gritted her teeth in frustration.

“Roxanne is trying to wipe us out completely, but she seems to have forgotten that cornered animals are the most dangerous.

If she keeps pushing us into a corner, we can hold her three children hostage!” A vicious glint flashed across Yuliana’s eyes.

From what Winnie had said, she could understand how a mother’s worry could be used against her.

The best course of action now is to find a way to leave Horington first. Once we arrive in Gerton, we can consider going abroad.”

Yuliana’s initial plan was to get her hands on Roxanne’s mother’s heirloom, but looking at the situation, she might not be able to do that at this point.

“But it’s obvious that the cops are after us. It won’t be easy for us to leave Horington.” Winne looked worried.

Yuliana nodded. Suddenly, her lips quirked up as an idea popped into her mind. As night fell, Roxanne and Lucian arrived at the Jarvis residence.

Bill led a team of cops, equipped with professional search gear, to thoroughly search the premises inside and out in an effort to locate the family

The bodyguards Lucian arranged were also actively digging in the courtyard. They dug deeper than their previous attempt, and soon, they reached a depth of about six feet.

Roxanne continued frowning as she tried to figure out what her mother’s heirloom was.

She went over her childhood memories, attempting to find any clues that might be related to her mother’s daily habits but to no avail.

The heirloom remained elusive despite the professional and thorough search. The fact that Winnie had failed to locate it for years made Roxanne wonder if the heirloom was just a figment of their imagination.

Just then, Bill came in from the courtyard. “I’ve searched everywhere in the Jarvis residence and received some feedback from the neighbors around.

Based on my findings, it’s unlikely that the heirloom is in the yard. It’s more likely that it’s still inside the house.” “Where would it be, then?”

Roxanne took a sidelong glance at the building. There are only a few things left in the house, and they have combed through every possible hiding place.

Where else could the heirloom be? Lucian cautiously observed as he walked up the stairs, hoping to discover a hidden compartment.

Just when everyone was feeling a little defeated, Bill’s phone rang. It was a call from the head of the bodyguards that Lucian had arranged for him.

The head said, “Mr. Chapman, I’ve got an update for you. Yuliana has been living in the mansion since she returned.

A car drove out not long ago, and we’re following it now.” “Great. Don’t lose them. There are still people in the mansion, right? Keep an eye on them.

They can’t possibly rely only on one car!” Bill ordered. After being reassured by the head of the bodyguards, Bill hung up the phone.

Bill turned his attention to Lucian and Roxanne and nodded. “Winnie seems to be making a move now. There are two things they might do:

destroy the evidence or escape.” Roxanne’s expression changed. “E-Escape? Does that mean they no longer want to sell the mansion?”

“I believe so. When I told Cayden to negotiate the house deal with them, Winnie seemed anxious at first, but after being questioned by the cops, she seemed less concerned about the sale.

The change in her behavior might suggest that money is no longer a priority for her. She must be the culprit!” Lucian uttered firmly.

A glint flashed across his eyes. “But I won’t let her slip through my fingers, not in Horington or anywhere else.”

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