Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 190

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 190 – Roxanne slept throughout the journey.

She did not wake up even when they arrived at the hospital.Lucian hesitated for a moment and decided not to wake Roxanne up. After instructing the driver to open the door, he covered the woman with his coat and carried her out of the car.

The emergency department was the only place with people on duty since they arrived late at night. After registering at the counter, he carried Roxanne and headed to the department. Roxanne woke up when they entered the department.

It took her a few seconds to realize she was in Lucian’s arms. The doctor was looking at them from the opposite side.
She Did Get Noticed Roxanne’s face immediately turned brick-red,

but no one could tell she was blushing because the fever had already caused her face to look flushed. “Put me down!” She nudged the man in embarrassment. Lucian, who was listening to the doctor explain Roxanne’s health condition, realized she had woken up when he heard her voice.

He glanced at the woman but did not release her.Roxanne, who also heard the doctor’s voice, fell silent and buried herself in his coat to avoid further embarrassment.The man’s chest was so warm that Roxanne conked out again.

She could vaguely hear the doctor’s voice and Lucian’s questions. He doesn’t need to ask those questions in detail.
I’m aware of the things the doctor said. After the consultation, the man woke her up.

Lucian placed her on the bed and said, “You need to be on a drip, so you ’lined to stay in the hospital for a night.”
Roxanne, who was still in a daze, nodded. She waited for the nurse to put her on a drip before sleeping like a log again.

Lucian sat by the bed, looked at the woman’s palm-sized face, and his expression dimmed slightly. I haven’t seen her for six years,
and she seems to have lost quite some weight. She looks even frailer now that she’s ill.

Despite carrying Roxanne in his arms and walking quite a bit, Lucian did not feel exhausted as she was as light as a feather. Did she even take good care of herself in the last six years? She even had to raise two kids all by herself Roxanne woke up in the middle of the night and opened her eyes.

She still felt a little dizzy and was a little lost. Everything that had happened before this was like a dream to her. Why is he treating me so well
when he’s about to marry another woman?While she was still in a groggy state, she heard someone breathing in the ward.

Roxanne looked to the side and saw Lucian leaning on a chair. The chair was too tiny for his tall and muscular physique. Despite not being in a comfortable position, he could still sleep without a stir. She looked up at the IV drip bag and noticed it was replaced with a new one.

Roxanne could not help but freeze for a moment. So it wasn’t a dream. Lucian must be exhausted after taking care of me for
the whole night.At that point, Roxanne was inundated by mixed feelings.

She took a glance at the clock and realized it was midnight. Can’t believe I’ve slept for so many hours. I wonder if the kids have slept well too.
Roxanne took out her phone but hesitated when she was to text Lysa. I might disturb her sleep if I were to text her at this hour.

She thought about it for a moment and put aside her phone.After spending a few hours resting in the hospital, Roxanne felt a lot better.She touched her forehead and felt her fever had also subsided.

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