Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 191

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 191 – Lucian was a light sleeper. When he heard the series of soft rustling sounds, he opened his eyes and saw that the patient on the bed had already woken up.She placed her palm on her forehead, seemingly checking her own temperature.

“How are you feeling? Do you still have a high fever?” Lucian got up and walked toward the bed.Roxanne froze in her movements before slowly propping herself up. In a courteous tone, she said, “I feel much better now.

Thank you, and sorry for the trouble caused tonight.” Seeing how she was acting distant from him, Lucian’s face fell. However, he quickly hid his displeasure upon recalling that she was unwell. “You didn’t have dinner just now. Are you hungry?”

he asked in a caring tone.As soon as he brought that up, Roxanne realized that she was starving.Apart from the few bites she had at lunch, she practically ate nothing the entire day due to a low appetite caused by her fever.

Then again, she was reluctant to owe him any more favors.Just when she was about to say no to him, her empty stomach growled.In an instant, Roxanne’s cheeks flushed. She kept a calm composure and replied, “I don’t feel like eating anything this late.

”Lucian furrowed his brows and left the ward at once.Upon hearing the door shut behind her, Roxanne turned, only to realize that the man had disappeared.Ten minutes later, he returned with a piping hot bowl of oatmeal.“

There isn’t much option at this hour. I can only make you this using the microwave at the hospital. Hope you don’t mind it.”Roxanne was taken aback by his action.By the time she snapped back to her senses, he had already adjusted her bed and placed the oatineal in front of her.

Thank you.” She got up and took a mouthful of it.Considering all that he has done for me, it would be very impolite of me to decline him once more Lucian waited till she started eating before returning to his seat.

“The doctor advised you to be hospitalized for further observation, just in case your condition worsens. You should go for another check-up tomorrow morning. If all is well, then you can be discharged,” he uttered in a low voiceRoxanne glanced at him and nodded.

“I feel okay now. Thank you for taking care of me tonight. It’s getting pretty late, so you’d better go home and take a rest since you have to work tomorrow.”He was chagrined to hear that she was not so subtly chasing him away.

“I’m not so irresponsible to leave you here alone overnight,” he snapped coldly.Frowning, Roxanne insisted, “I’m fine, and I don’t need special care anymore. It’s unnecessary for you to stay back. You can’t get a good rest here, anyway.

”She did not want to owe him anything more than she already did.Her voice sounded awkwardly loud in the quiet hospital ward at midnight.Dead silence filled the room upon her words.However, the man did not seem to have any intention of leaving.

She dug her fingernails into her palms as she explained in a slightly friendlier tone of voice, “We aren’t in any relationship. Hence, there’s no reason for you to take special care of me, Mr. Farwell. I actually feel burdened when you do that.”

Upon saying so, she gave the man sitting opposite her a solemn look.Never in a million years would Lucian have thought that caring for her would create a rift between them. He was utterly displeased.Yet, there was no way he could just leave the woman alone.

After moments of pin-drop silence, he managed to suppress his anger. “Don’t you misunderstand. I just think that Essie will be mad at me if she finds out that I left you here and went back on my own,” he said indifferently.

In other words, he was implying that she was not the reason why he insisted on staying.Though Roxanne was a little apprehensive, she could not refute him. Left with no choice, she acquiesced to his decision.

However, none of them had anything to say to each other, resulting in a very awkward situation in the ward.

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