Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 189

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 189 – Mission To Remarry Chapter 189Upon hearing his suggestion,

Roxanne was a little apprehensive. She wanted to stay away from Lucian, but she had to admit that was the best solution.. A few seconds later, Roxanne
nodded. “Thanks.” Lucian nodded.After asking Archie and Benny to move aside, she got up from her bed.

But before she could stand still, her head started spinning. She staggered and pressed her hand on the bed to steady herself.“ Let me help you.”
Lisa immediately walked toward her to grab her arm. Roxanne’s vision darkened for a few seconds.

When her vision recovered a few seconds later, she responded with a weak nod. She Did Get Noticed The three little children, too, got up to her and walked by her side.

Roxanne was so frail that she had to lean on Lysa when she walked. Even Lysa had difficulty supporting her.Upon noticing that, the three children wanted to help. Before they could extend their hands, a towering figure stood in their way.Lucian stood in front of Lysa and frowned. “Let me.

You take care of the kids.”Before Roxanne could react, Lucian wrapped his hands around her waist and carried her in his arms.At that time, Roxanne was still in a daze as she had brain fog. By the time she came to her senses, she put up a struggle but to no avail.

The man was clearly in control of the situation. Roxanne had no choice but to stop struggling. She knitted her brows and expressed her
dismay, “Put me down. I can walk.”Her request fell on deaf ears. Lucian turned to Lysa and said, “Please whip up something for the kids.

They haven’t eaten anything so far. Put them to bed first if we come back late.”Lysa agreed But the three children were not pleased with the
arrangement. They followed the adults to the car and tried to crawl into the passenger’s seats.

After putting Roxanne into the car, Lucian turned around, grabbed the little ones, and removed them from the car. Archie, Benny, and
Estella sulked while looking at the woman in the car.“ She’ll be worried if you insist on following, and that’s not good for her recovery.

She’ll be relieved to know that all of you stayed home, ate your dinner, and turned in early,” Lucian explained patiently.The three little ones cast a doubtful look at Roxanne.Roxanne put on a faint smile and said, “Yes. Sleep early, and don’t wait for us.”

The children had no choice but to nod. Lucian got into the car, sat beside Roxanne, and closed the door, blocking the children’s view of the
car’s interior. He then instructed the driver to rush to the hospital.

After sending them off, the children reluctantly returned to the mansion with Lisa. Roxanne kept looking at the children from the rear-view mirror and was relieved when they all headed back to the house.

The warm and cozy atmosphere in the car made Roxanne want to fall asleep, but when she thought of the man sitting next to her, she forced herself to stay awake.Due to her fever, despite trying her best to stay awake by digging her nails into her palms, she soon fell into a deep slumber.“

How do you feel?” Lucian expressed his concern as they were caught in a traffic snarl.When he did not get a reply, he looked to the side and noticed the woman was sound asleep.Overwhelmed by complicated emotions, Lucian looked away and ordered the driver, “Drive slower.

”Soon, he felt a weight on his shoulder. Lucian turned around and looked at the side of the woman’s sleeping face with a subtle gentleness in his eyes.

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