Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1852

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1852 – Admiration “Technique is the first step of production, so our company will be split seventy-thirty, with you holding majority stakes.

You shall hold the position of CEO while I’ll be the executive general manager. The company will be registered under your name.

That is the best offer I can come up with as a gesture of sincerity.” Elektra came to Roxanne with the mindset of an entrepreneur pitching her idea.

She had even done her homework and could provide in-depth explanations pertaining to market analysis, product pricing, and brand building.

What she displayed was a fervent passion for the product. To her, the best person to go into business with was Roxanne.

Roxanne’s research institute could uncover the composition of herbal compounds, which was the aspect their fellow countrymen trusted the most.

She even knew that Roxanne had developed a drug for endocrine regulation, which also happened to have a convenient side effect of reducing acne.

At last, after careful consideration, Roxanne deemed the investment feasible. “I must conduct a meeting with my colleagues at the research institute about this investment opportunity.

Forgive me for not being able to agree immediately.” Roxanne could have made that decision on her own, but she just came up with a pretext.

Although the staff at the research institute trusted her completely, she wanted to get Lucian’s opinion as his business experience far exceeded hers.

In fact, Roxanne could even form a partnership with Farwell Group. It would eliminate the need to approach Elektra.

However, it would be a betrayal of Elektra’s trust since she was the one who proposed this idea. Elektra nodded, suppressing the panic within her.

“Sure. Many people’s interests are at stake, after all. Take a couple of days to think about it before getting back to me.”

After that, Roxanne discussed some of the details with her. Elektra handled them all with ease. She had come well-prepared.

At that moment, she even felt her loyalty swaying. Although Christina had given her the plan with the intention of seeking revenge on Roxanne, the opportunity the investment held was too promising.

The Lane family’s standing could be raised significantly if she succeeded. She, on the other hand, would become somebody who had accomplished something.

Two hours later, Elektra left the Farwell residence. She did not even bid Lucian farewell. Returning upstairs, Roxanne urged the children to shower and tuck themselves in.

“You two were talking for a long time. Seems like it was something really important, wasn’t it?” Lucian was curious.

Roxanne was still in disbelief that Elektra would come to her to talk about a partnership. adilyn once warned me that Elektra’s a childhood friend of Lucian’s.

In fact, Elektra wanted to go with himalone on the mission to help Nicholas had he not dragged me along. What’s going on in her head?

Could I be overthinking? Does she seriously intend to make something of herself? After mulling it over for a long time and realizing that Lucian was waiting for her response, Roxanne recounted the discussion regarding the investment opportunity.

Lucian listened with rapt attention. His eyes were filled with approval. “It’s a solid idea. I have considered this once, but I was worried it might mean more work for you.

Now that Elektra is willing to handle the operations, it seems like a promising investment opportunity.”

As long as Roxanne was the one in control, Lucian did not see the need to compete for the business.

That was also a significant factor in how he managed to secure partnerships with many influential families for Farwell Group.

“Are you saying that it’s doable? Just as well. I have priced the products very low, so the research institute’s profit margin is quite poor.

I’ve always felt bad about not being able to offer better perks to the R&D staff. But with cosmeceutical products, we have a chance to make a difference.

If we can build a brand and capture some of the market shares from the luxury Epean brands, we could set up more factories domestically and create more jobs.”

There was a twinkle in Lucian’s eyes as he listened to Roxanne. His admiration for her grew even more.

Her ability to think things through and anticipate potential outcomes has been improving.

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