Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1853

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1853 – Leverage “You’re not the only one who negotiated a project tonight. I, too, have agreed to an excellent business proposal,” Lucian announced with a smile.

Roxanne froze. He did not take one step out of the house. Who did he discuss business with? Her curiosity grew when she took in his secretive demeanor.

hat investment could have made him this happy? It took some probing before Lucian finally decided to share the news.

“I’m investing in our talented designer, of course! Essie asked me to start a company for her. She wants to gain a foothold in the children’s apparel

Roxanne was stunned. “Are you sure? Aren’t you afraid of making a loss? Essie is indeed talented, but this decision may be too hastily made.

What happens if she makes you suffer a loss? I don’t want her to be under any pressure.” Lucian gazed at her steadily.

At last, Roxanne admitted to herself after further thought that she had indeed thought too much.

Given Farwell Group’s wealth, it would not make the slightest dent even if Estella bankrupted one company a day for ten years.

“Don’t worry. Estella has plenty of time to try new designs. If she can’t manage, we’ll hire local designers to work with her.

Our child’s dream is what’s important.” Although Lucian could afford to make losses, he was strangely confident in his daughter’s designs.

“My dear, the father of my children, you’re spoiling them too much.” Lucian was momentarily taken aback by his new moniker. He found it interesting.

mmediately, he pulled her into an embrace. “We got married today, the mother of my children. Does that mean…” Roxanne’s cheeks flushed crimson.

She became unusually silent. Taking her silence as consent, Lucian swept her off her feet and carried her into the bedroom.

“The children aren’t asleep yet!” she protested. “They want a younger sibling and are counting on us. We can’t let them down.”

Elektra arrived aboard the cruise ship to see Christina. “Mr. Goldstein’s business obligations require me to return to Hawen tonight, but I have left behind several of my men to gather information.

They can assist you at any time, so feel free to call me whenever you need them,” Christina drawled. Leaving Horington this time is different from the last.

I had fled before in a pathetic state, like a wreck. Elektra nodded, aware that the men left behind might also be keeping an eye on her.

The fragility of their alliance was apparent to both of them, even without words. “I’m guessing that Roxanne will most likely agree.

Gain her trust at the start by keeping your head down and doing things well. Do them so well that even Lucian doesn’t suspect a thing.

Later on, we strike.” Christina detected Elektra’s hesitance with her sharp eyes. This woman’s resolve is not strong enough because she lacks hatred.

I need to fan the flames. “I think you know very well what happened to the Pearson family. Since they have announced their marriage, their relationship with the Lane family will only weaken.

Your family will lose all hope if you don’t fight for it.” Elektra nodded. Although she did not like the woman very much, she was forced to admit that she was right.

The partnership with Roxanne must be done well, whichever way I look at it. “Got it. We’ll stick to the plan,” Elektra replied firmly.

he sudden appearance of a weight on her heart made her realize that it was too late to turn back now.

Her visits to Christina had been captured on film to be used as leverage against her.

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