Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1851

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1851 – Dream Partner Lucian was also curious about what Elektra wanted to discuss with Roanne.

However, he didn’t need to ask, as she would tell him afterward. Producing some premium coffee beans he had been gifted and having it brewed for them, he then brought the children upstairs for a game of chess.

Archie and Benny were improving rapidly, which required him to concentrate and play to the best of his abilities.

Meanwhile, Estella returned to work on her designs. “Can I start a company, Daddy?” Estella asked suddenly. “I want to bring my designs of children’s apparel to life and see if people like them.”

Lucian waved his hand, signifying his approval. Starting a company is a small matter. Overjoyed, Estella turned her attention back to her draft.

Lucian only regained his senses after the game. What did I just promise Estella? That’s right—to start a company for children’s apparel!

It’s not a bad investment to make. Besides, my talented daughter is worth a shot. Lucian became serious. After instructing the boys to take a break, he gave Cayden a call to initiate plans for registering the company the following day.

“Think about it carefully, Essie. What would you like to name it?” Estella stopped what she was doing and gave it some thought.

She even asked for her brothers’ help, but after they came up with a few names, she remained unsatisfied.

At last, she decided to take a few days to mull it over. Downstairs in the living room, Elektra learned from small talk with Roxanne that she had taken her wedding photographs that day. Elektra couldn’t help feeling jealous inside.

However, her expression did not betray her. Instead, she showered them with praise about how good they looked.

Noticing that she still had not gotten to the point, Roxanne became curious. What could it be that is so difficult to broach? Does she need money?

Or does she want my help in treating someone? “I’ve been back in the country for quite some time, Roxanne, and have been looking for an investment

Unfortunately, I haven’t found anything yet, and it’s been frustrating. I spent the whole of last night brainstorming, and an idea finally came to me.

That is why I came so urgently to see you as soon as I woke up.” “Investment? How does this pertain to me?”

Roxanne became puzzled when Elektra had, at last, arrived at the point. Wouldn’t something like this be more appropriate to discuss with Lucian?

Farwell Group had an abundance of money, resources, and connections. It was the partner every entrepreneur dreamed of doing business with.

“Indeed. This is an opportunity only suited for you.” Elektra’s eyes flashed with excitement. Even without the follow-up plans in place, the tip given by Christina was an excellent investment.

Roxanne was rather dubious, so Elektra continued, “Your research institute has some of the most advanced research and development techniques in the country.

Have you considered that a small modification to the pharmaceutical products you’re already working on would make it possible to produce cosmeceutical products?

At the moment, the domestic market for cosmeceutical products is inconsistent, with most consumers prefer foreign luxury brands.

This is a massive opportunity for us. Let’s be partners and start a company specializing in cosmeceutical products.

You don’t have to do anything except research and development, and I’ll handle the rest. That way, it won’t interfere with other aspects of your research.”

Elektra spoke so quickly that her cheeks flushed with excitement. If I do this well, the promise it holds could even surpass my family’s business.

Roxanne’s doubts dissipated after she listened to it. She began to consider the matter carefully.

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