Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1850

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1850 – Sudden Visit Roxanne was surprised to find out how exhausting it was to take wedding photographs.

In order to strike attractive poses, she was forced to remain still for close to ten minutes at a time.

Toward the end, she could not even force a smile. Fortunately, Lucian’s lighthearted demeanor throughout it all kept her spirits up.

When it was finally over, she protested vehemently when Lucian mentioned a few other locations they were expected to be at.

“Mr. Farwell, Ms. Jarvis, with your looks and usual attire, any location would make a great backdrop for your wedding photos.”

The photographer, a young woman, could not help but marvel at the stunning couple before her.

They were undoubtedly the most beautiful pair she had ever photographed. There was almost no need for postproduction retouching later on.

She offered to come along during the honeymoon and take vacation photographs if Roxanne was done for the day.

Roxanne agreed at once. Lucian, too, did not voice any objections. Upon returning home, the children, whom Cayden had dropped off, learned their parents had just taken wedding photographs and immediately surrounded them and asked to see the pictures.

“Mommy, you must be the most beautiful bride in the world in the wedding dress.” “Where are the photos, Daddy? We want to see them!”

“Wow! Daddy is pretty handsome, but Mommy is better looking. She’s more beautiful than a movie star.”

The children’s flattery was worth the pain of the entire day. Lucian and Roxanne exchanged a glance and a knowing smile.

The children were still chattering away when the family sat down for dinner, asking when the wedding would take place and where the honeymoon would be. They even asked if they would be getting a younger sibling.

The couple could only lament the fact that the children were growing up too quickly. Suddenly, a car entered the porch.

Since the butler granted it entry, they assumed it was somebody they knew. Elektra’s appearance during dinner took them by surprise.

One usually does not visit others during their meal unless it is urgent. It’s basic courtesy. However, Elektra could not hold it in any longer.

She had seen the photograph of the couple’s marriage certificate on Lucian’s Instagram and how intimate they were in their picture.

She panicked and even despaired. God did not even give her a chance. Feeling utterly helpless, she was desperate to do something to alleviate the pain in her heart.

Christina had been scornful. “So what if they got married again? They got divorced once before, didn’t they?

How can you be certain that he won’t leave Roxanne again? Of course, your only other chance will only come from me.”

Clutching at Christina’s plan as though it was her lifeline, Elektra agreed to carry out the next phase. Unable to contain her panic, she drove to the Farwell residence during dinner.

She was not there to see Lucian. Instead, she wanted to clear her mind. Pestering Lucian would only arouse Roxanne’s suspicions, and at the same time, drive Lucian further away from her.

“Lucian, Roxanne, congratulations on registering your marriage today!” Suppressing her emotions as she crossed the threshold, Elektra dutifully played the part of a friend and gave them her blessing.

Roxanne and Lucian waved her over, and the children called her to join them for dinner. Elektra declined tactfully, “I had a late lunch today.

I’ve been coming up with a business plan of late, so my meals have been irregular. By the way, Roxanne, I have something to discuss with you.”

Having thought she had come for Lucian, Roxanne was caught off-guard. She nodded, set her cutlery down, and entered the living room with her guest

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