Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1849

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1849 – Never Be Apart Again At the entrance of the City Hall, Roxanne’s thoughts drifted back to the past as she held the marriage certificate in her hands.

She had gotten married to Lucian for the first time under similarly ill-prepared circumstances. However, Lucian had been in a rush back then.

He had driven off and tasked Cayden with sending her home after obtaining the marriage certificate as though it was just a notice.

Now, however, Lucian was smartly dressed with a bouquet of roses in his hand, and he was smiling from ear to ear.

“What made you want to get our marriage certificate before doing anything else?” Lucian walked over and unabashedly kissed Roxanne on the forehead.

Many other couples who were waiting for their turn could not tear their eyes from them.

The man is devastatingly handsome, and the woman’s beauty is equally breathtaking. “Let’s register first, as we have lots to do.

You have proposed, anyway. I want the children to settle down as soon as possible. When we return, I have to transfer Archie’s and Benny’s accounts to your name.”

Roxanne smiled as she ran him through her plans. She only had eyes for his serious-looking face. The tenderness in his gaze was what she had looked forward to for years.

“You’re joking, right? You’re now a rich woman too. The inheritance rights of the Farwell family won’t appeal to you.”

Lucian handed her the bouquet of roses, then produced his phone and turned on the front camera. Bending over slightly, he pressed his cheek against Roxanne’s.

“What are you doing?” Roxanne was taken aback. “Smile! I’m uploading a picture of us as my first post on Instagram!” Lucian said.

Roxanne looked at the camera and smiled brightly, brimming with pure happiness. After taking several pictures in a row, Lucian began to write a caption.

“Isn’t this inappropriate? Your followers are important clients or close family members. Don’t you have to portray a stern persona?

That’s the reason why you’ve never uploaded anything over the years, isn’t it?” Roxanne cautioned hesitantly. Lucian shook his head.

“You’re the reason why I’m learning to change.” Roxanne was stunned by those words. At the same time, she was curious about the caption he wrote.

Hand in hand until the end? Or is he telling the world that he loves me? She quickly fished out her phone and refreshed her app, eager to see what Lucian had posted. Looking up, she met his twinkling eyes.

At the same time, his caption appeared when the app loaded. The caption read: From this moment forth, we will never be apart again.

He even included a photograph of their marriage certificate. “How unoriginal!” Roxanne teased, feeling a sweetness warming her from the inside.

Lucian flashed her a captivating smile. “After this, I can begin documenting everything about the children and us on Instagram.”

Roxanne nodded. Upon noticing the increasing number of onlookers, she urged Lucian to leave. “Let’s go. Next up, wedding photos.

We’ll pick our outfits today. Do you have any requests for the location?” Lucian led her by the hand as they walked toward the car.

She shook her head, not minding very much where they took the photographs. As long as the pictures are taken with him, they will be beautiful no matter where we go.

However, Roxanne underestimated the difficulty of taking wedding photographs. Her initial assumption was that picking outfits would not be a problem.

Upon arriving at the bridal shop and seeing the array of beautiful dresses, however, she was seized by an impulse to try them all.

Even after two hours, she still could not make up her mind.

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