Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1848

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1848 – Out Of Ideas Elektra arrived aboard the cruise ship.

“The plan has failed. Sonya is determined to be a good mother-in-law and won’t be suspecting Roxanne at all.”

Looking dejected, Elektra awaited Christina’s response. Christina’s face contorted with rage. “Goddammit. Why did nothing happen to Sonya?

She trusts Roxanne so much, doesn’t she? Very well, then. We’ll have to make Roxanne suspect her,” Christina said through gritted teeth, her voice laced with menace.

“I’m afraid that won’t be easy to do. Your plan has alerted them. Lucian has since increased security around Roxanne.” “What are you afraid of?

We’ll start with the children! I have nothing left to lose, anyway. I haven’t been afraid of anything for a long time.

It was my fault for not being cruel enough to wipe out the three little shits earlier! Everything would have been so much better now if I had!”

Elektra felt the hairs on her back stand on end from the cold gust of foreboding rushing to her scalp.

She suddenly realized what a grave mistake it was to work with Christina. This woman holds a grudge. Nothing is beneath her at this point.

If anything happens, she can just escape back to Hawen to be with her Mr. Goldstein. Elektra’s eyes darkened for a moment, which made Christina glare at her.

“What is it? Are you worried that I’ll mess up?” Christina asked in a teasing tone. Elektra remained composed. “You said we won’t harm them directly.

It seems that you’re out of ideas.” Christina’s expression froze, but she quickly gathered herself. “Acting against the children is indeed rather idiotic.

It’s fine if you don’t want to go along with it. We’ll think of something else.” That night, Roxanne finished the broth Sonya made and felt its warmth extend to her heart.

Emerging from the study, Lucian hugged her gently from the back. “Please have your mother stop cooking for me, Lucian. I’m no longer in pain.

Besides, she hasn’t fully recovered yet.” Roxanne had been having broth for the past few days, and her period had already ended.

She knew deep down that Sonya was trying to make amends. However, Sonya’s perseverance convinced Roxanne that she had changed her mind regarding her. Perhaps Sonya had really changed.

“Don’t take it to heart. Let her do it since she’s willing to. She actually thinks the same way as I do. The Farwell family owes you and the children a great deal.”

Reveling in her scent, Lucian gathered her long black hair and tucked it behind her shoulder. Unable to help himself, he kissed her on the cheek.

Instinctively, something within him stirred. The wolf that had starved for days cornered its prey. Roxanne’s cheeks turned pink.

She tilted her head, and an intent to reciprocate rose in her eyes. However, the words that came next dampened Lucian’s fire.

“We’ll wait two more days.” Lucian could do nothing else but let go of her. “I’ll go take a cold shower, then.”

Roxanne laughed, looking pleased with herself at the sight of his resentment. “Be careful not to catch a cold!”

The sound of rushing water could be heard from the bathroom soon after. Roxanne returned to the study, picked up her book, and turned her attention to the Cerulean Needle Technique.

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