Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1847

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1847 – The Perfect Match Lucian and Jonathan talked business over coffee in the mansion.

There had been no further progress in the investigation of the cause of the accident. Upon discovering that his sister was employed in Shawn’s company, Jonathan wanted to call her back for questioning, but Lucian stopped him.

“It was Shawn who asked Old Mr. Lomax to help us. Though it was Roxanne who had synthesized the antidote, Old Mr. Lomax’s help was crucial.

I believe Shawn wouldn’t stoop to employ such tactics. We can eliminate his involvement with confidence.” Jonathan nodded. The logic was sound.

The Crawford family from up north was prestigious, controlling many estates and societal elites. Coming from such a family, Shawn would be discreet if he were to be unscrupulous.

“Have you been taking your medicine regularly?” Lucian suddenly asked. Jonathan nodded. “I have been taking Roxanne’s traditional medicine as prescribed.

Dr. Xander told me to go back for a follow-up at the end of the month.” “That’s good. Madilyn is very concerned about your condition,” Lucian reminded him subtly, hoping Jonathan would be able to pick up the hint.

To his surprise, Jonathan looked a little embarrassed. “Yes, Dr. Xander has a gentle personality and genuinely cares for people.”

Lucian narrowed his eyes. There seems to be something going on here. Did something happen after our last visit to the orphanage for donations?

However, he did not feel comfortable asking about it. As Jonathan had always maintained a serious demeanor around him, he could only behave the same. Noticing something unusual in Lucian’s gaze, Jonathan asked, “What’s wrong, Lucian?”

“N-Nothing! Keep an eye on Shawn from now on. He lost this time, so he definitely won’t take it lying down.”

Jonathan nodded, secretly admiring Lucian in his heart. Shawn could not have been more secretive, yet Lucian not only guessed his intentions but also responded quickly enough to outmaneuver him.

The pair chatted a little longer until Jonathan announced that he had an appointment and needed to leave. Lucian’s expression grew grim.

He gave a call to Cayden and made some arrangements. He completely upgraded the security system of the research institute and added more bodyguards at the research institute, the hospital, and the office.

In addition, her vehicle would be inspected every day before she got in. Jonathan arrived at the agreed-upon restaurant at noon.

Coralie leaped to her feet with joy and waved both arms enthusiastically to greet him when she saw him.

Her infectious charm was evident to many patrons in the restaurant. Jonathan recognized her as the woman who had crashed into him the other night.

“Hello, Miss. There’s no need to spend so much. My car isn’t badly damaged, anyway.” Jonathan walked over to the table, but he showed no signs of wanting to sit.

Coralie beamed, her eyes crinkling. “Think of it as having a meal with me, Mr. Queen. That wouldn’t take up too much of your time, would it?”

“All right, then.” Jonathan nodded and sat down. Having learned about Jonathan’s preferences from Frieda, Coralie already knew his favorite food in

Everything she ordered was something he enjoyed, and that surprised him. Do you like this dish too, Ms. Crawford? What a coincidence.

Me too! This place is famous for its beef tenderloins. Are you a local?” As they ate, Coralie felt she was finally bridging the gap between herself and Jonathan.

Throughout it all, she never revealed her identity and of course, she would not tell him she had learned about him from Frieda.

She wanted to make him feel as though they were the perfect match.

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