Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1846

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1846 – Provocation Coralie panicked as well after learning about the situation.

Indeed, import and export trade was very prone to pitfalls. Regardless of how profitable the business might be, the most crucial aspect was whether the payments could be recovered.

She hastily relayed the news to Shawn. “I’ll ask Danny to look into it immediately.” Shawn became serious as well.

He had handed the entire list of Farwell Group’s clients in Epea to his assistant, Danny Yaeger, to handle. After Danny received the instruction, the first person he contacted was Paolo.

A few minute later, Danny reverted to Shawn. “What? The number was terminated?” Shawn was livid. “I’ll try contacting the other two clients.

Perhaps this is just a temporary issue. Mr. Paolo often gets into unnecessary trouble and frequently changes his phone number.”

Danny tried to explain that it might just be a coincidence. However, he was actually distressed as well.

He braced himself, hung up the call, and continued to dial the numbers of the other two major clients.

The increase in sales performance that month was mainly due to the three clients they snatched from Farwell Group. If the deals with all three of them encountered problems, it would be disastrous.

Soon, he received feedback after making the two phone calls— both numbers were also terminated. Danny became terrified.

He hurriedly searched the contact details of the three clients’ companies. According to the information provided on the internet, he dialed the numbers with trembling hands.

The result was the same—the calls couldn’t be connected at all. Danny didn’t know how to report that to Shawn. He felt so disconcerted that his head was about to explode.

Shawn was initially enjoying a glass of red wine at his villa, planning to go for a swim later. However, he was no longer in the mood for that.

Danny hasn’t gotten back to me after so long, which means something must have gone wrong.

He swiftly changed his clothes, got into his Bentley, and headed to the company. When he arrived at the CEO’s office, Danny was already standing by the entrance, the latter’s face gloomy as if he had been constipated for years.

“Did everything go wrong?” Shawn pushed the door open and walked in. Before receiving Danny’s reply, he had already thought of the most probable reason behind the occurrence of that predicament.

Perhaps all of this is a trap set by Lucian to trick me. Damn it! Shawn’s eyes darkened while Danny shivered and lowered his head, not daring to look up.
At that moment, someone knocked on the door.

“Mr. Crawford, a guest sent over a flower basket and insisted you view it.” fter all, that was their first day of moving into the building.

Many guests had been sending flower baskets to them since morning. Most of the gifts were either placed downstairs or at the entrance of the company.

Danny frowned. Who is this impertinent businessman who ridiculously requested Mr. Crawford to look at a flower basket in person?

He immediately snapped at the secretary, “Don’t bother Mr. Crawford with such trivial matters! Just find a place to put it.”

A troubled look spread across the secretary’s face. “Ms. Crawford told me to send it over, and the sender of this flower basket is Lucian from Farwell Group.

” Shawn grimaced and instantaneously strode out of the office, startling the secretary. “As expected, he’s the culprit.”

Shawn riveted his eyes on Lucian’s name. “Haha, what a provocation!” The secretary was utterly frightened by Shawn’s facial expression which was now contorted with barely suppressible rage.

Danny hurriedly stepped out of the office to take a look too. Colors drained from his face as he glared at the secretary.

Isn’t this just a deliberate attempt to get on Mr. Crawford’s nerves? So, those three clients actually pretended to betray Lucian and scammed a large sum from us that amounted to several hundred million.

Ultimately, Shawn restrained himself from smashing the flower basket as doing so would be beneath him.

However, that would leave him with no outlet to vent the anger within his chest. Without saying a word, he turned around and returned to his office, slamming the door shut behind him.

Not long after, loud sounds of the office getting thrashed, and objects being shattered reverberated incessantly in the air.

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