Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1845

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1845 – An Issue With The Payment Meanwhile, a recently developed office building officially launched in Horington as an enterprise brand that day.

Out of the hundred-odd stories of the building, twenty of them belonged to Crawford Heights Group.

Coralie was clad in business attire as she sat in the chief financial officer’s office, busy auditing the export sales for that month.

As soon as she concluded the statistical report, a broad grin was etched on her face. She hastily picked up the phone and dialed her brother’s number.

“Congrats, Shawn! Our sales have skyrocketed again this month! Compared to last month, it has increased by more than one hundred and thirty percent. We’ll be realizing your plan in no time.”

The business world is no different from a battlefield. Coralie was awed by Shawn’s capability. “We’re still far from achieving our goal.

To think that we could generate that many sales by poaching just three of Farwell Group’s clients, I wouldn’t dare to imagine how good Lucian is at running their business,”

responded Shawn. Instead of being consumed by conceit at that transient success, Shawn began to see Lucian’s terrifying control.

In fact, his newly founded company was barely even one-tenth of Farwell Group in size.

Unlike Farwell Group, which had their headquarters already taking up two blocks of building, not to mention having their very own massive industrial area, all Shawn owned were twenty measly stories within an office building.

“Commend them if you must, Shawn, but there’s no need to belittle yourself. We’re not based in this southern city, so we ought to take it one step at a time. Anyway, this is only the beginning. I believe in you!”

Coralie did not forget to sing her brother’s praises. After hanging up the phone, she completed her work and shut down the laptop.

The corner of her lips curled upward slightly without her knowing it. As comical as it might sound, the man who had been involved in the car accident turned out to be Jonathan, Frieda’s elder brother.

It was as though the fate of both ladies and their brothers were inextricably intertwined. Then came a knock on the door. “Come in!” answered Coralie.

Frieda entered the office with an upright demeanor. She was appointed the deputy chief financial officer of Crawford Heights Group, or rather, Coralie’s assistant.

Regardless, she could not have asked for a better job than that. To be managing the finance of a trading company that big, she had found more pleasure than overseeing those fourteen medicinal herbs suppliers prior to that.

“Ms. Crawford, I’ve finished compiling the statistics on our goods importation. Please have a look.” Frieda raised her gaze to sneak a peek while submitting the report. For some reason, she feared Coralie.

On the flip side, Coralie was all smiles. “You don’t have to be rigid when there are only two of us, Frieda. Just call me by my first name!

Oh, by the way, let’s have dinner together after work.” Frieda bobbed her head. Deep down, she was worried that Coralie might hold a grudge against her because of the tight slap she had given Coralie the other night.

Lowering her head a little, Frieda stepped out of Coralie’s office and went back to her own office.

Frieda’s office was nowhere close to being as majestic as Coralie’s. Still, it was spacious enough for her. The company had even assigned a secretary to help her.

Frieda knew very well the reason Coralie would play up to her all of a sudden. What she did not know was how Coralie had gotten acquainted with Jonathan in the first place.

That woman has to have a thing for Jonathan! How ridiculous! If they really end up tying the knot, what would that make our relationship?

Frieda’s mind was abuzz with chaos as she tried to figure it out. Out of the blue, her secretary barged into the office in a panic.

“I have something to report, Ms. Queen.” Noticing the anxiety brimming in the secretary’s eyes, Frieda prompted on the spot, “What’s wrong?”

“There seems to be an issue with the payment from some of our clients. The three new clients had yet to remit us their outstanding balance, and they’re way past the grace period allotted to them.

If they still don’t pay up, our suppliers will be the first to come after us!” Frieda froze at that revelation. Aren’t those three clients the ones personally secured by Shawn not long ago?

Among them was Paolo, the man who had openly turned his back on Lucian. Given the situation at hand, idling about was not an option for Frieda.

Once again, she made a beeline for Coralie’s office.

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