Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1842

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1842 – Feel My Pain However, Christina smiled confidently, her eyes brimming with mockery.

“How would Roxanne ever guess that I sent someone to tamper with her car brakes when she stopped her car at the roadside to help the elderly folk to cross the road?”

It was also a junction where there were no surveillance cameras around. Christina was certain that her plan was flawless.

Elektra was rather taken aback. She had not expected Christina to make a comeback with a revenge plan that not only kept her impulsivity in check but was also well thought out in every other aspect.

“So, what chance would I be getting after this, then?” Deep down, Elektra still felt that at this point, it would be impossible to break up Lucian and Roxanne.

Based on what she heard, even Sonya had begun to attend to Roxanne’s needs. Moreover, Lucian had also proposed to Roxanne and would be taking wedding photos with her.

Their next step would naturally be to remarry. Christina shrugged, but her expression remained confident. “You’ll get your opportunity.

Just think about it. Why was Sonya driving Roxanne’s car? Sonya’s mind hasn’t yet arrived at the bad thoughts, but you could help her in that regard!”

Although Sonya ended up being the target of the car accident instead, the incident did not cause too much damage.

Christina was rather disappointed about that. Back then, it was with Sonya’s support that Christina destroyed everything.

She would not have been able to do it without Sonya. Yet, Sonya was now turning back, voluntarily serving Roxanne instead. That b*tch!

Elektra froze for a moment before she finally caught on to what Christina meant. “How are you feeling, Mrs. Farwell?”

asked Roxanne with concern after she entered the ward, carrying a fruit basket and a bouquet of carnations.

“If you guys had come slightly later, we might’ve already left the hospital!” responded Elias with a relaxed smile.

Lucian, on the other hand, could not manage a smile. Although the car accident did not cause too much harm, the danger that underlay it was too great.

“I’m fine, Roxanne. Aren’t you feeling unwell yourself? You didn’t have to come and visit me personally,” stated Sonya, who was genuinely in a mellow mood.

It had been a long time since she had received so much care and attention from her family.

If her injuries were not so minor, she even hoped to remain hospitalized for another few days. “Are you really well enough to be discharged?”

Roxanne was still a little worried. After all, Sonya had hit her head, which could have caused complications of any level of severity.

Due to her professional habits as a physician, Roxanne immediately picked up the medical records at the side of the bed and studied the test results carefully, especially the CT scan result. “I’m really fine, Roxanne.

The doctor has reviewed my test results several times, and I don’t have any signs of bleeding in my brain.

It’s fortunate that the airbag in your car worked in time.” After checking the test results thoroughly, Roxanne finally confirmed that Sonya was indeed fit enough to go home.

With Elias’ help, Sonya got out of the hospital bed, packed her things briefly, and left the hospital with the bouquet in her hands.

As Lucian had to rush to the traffic police department, he asked Roxanne to send Elias and Sonya back.

Roxanne had no problem with it, but Sonya shook her head, saying, “You’re obviously still feeling ill yourself. It’s fine! Elias can drive me back.”

In the end, as Sonya was persistent, Roxanne had no choice but to agree to the suggestion.

After seeing Elias and Sonya off, Roxanne called Madilyn and asked the latter to pick her up. Madilyn easily agreed to give her a lift.

After all, she had heard that Sonya was involved in a car accident and was curious to find out what happened as well.

Not long after, Madilyn arrived at the hospital and drove Roxanne away. In a Mercedes-Benz, the moment Christina saw Roxanne’s face, she immediately felt her blood boil with rage.

She trembled violently as her face flushed red with anger. “The game has only begun, Roxanne. This time, I’m going to make sure you feel my pain!”

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