Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1841

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1841 – Do Not Underestimate Lucian Perhaps it was the effect of the soup that Sonya had made, but Roxanne slept well, and her pain was greatly reduced.

Soon, Lucian called, and it was only then that she learned that Sonya had been in a car accident. Not long after, he returned to the mansion.

He asked Roxanne with concern, “When did you stop using the car? Has it been sent for repairs?”

It was only then that Roxanne remembered that Sonya had used her car today! What a coincidence that Mrs. Farwell got into an accident.

She trusted Lucian’s judgment and thought carefully. “I haven’t been to the body shop recently! Yesterday was the last time I drove it.

However, I did feel that the brakes were not working properly at the time!” “Where do you usually park your car?

Have you lent it to anyone recently?” Lucian asked carefully. Someone was already targeting her, and he could not overlook any clues.

Roxanne’s recent schedule was really fixed, so she was either at home or at the research institute every day.

Only occasionally would she go to the hospital or company. She thought about it and told him her itinerary for the past three days, and she had not lent her car to anyone either. Lucian frowned. “Someone definitely tampered with the brakes on your car.

Listen, let Linda and Madilyn arrange for someone to check the surveillance footage of your parking spot for the past seven days.”

“Is Mrs. Farwell okay now? I’ll go to the hospital to see her!” Roxanne nodded but still asked about Sonya’s condition.

“Don’t worry; my mom is okay. She’s in the hospital now, and my dad is taking care of her. Fortunately, it was my mom who was driving the car, and she was going slow enough.

If it had been you going at seventy kilometers per hour instead of forty like her, the damage and injury would have been completely different!”

Lucian knew that if Roxanne had been driving today, she would have been seriously injured in this morning’s accident.

Seeing his serious expression, Roxanne also felt scared. She immediately called Linda and Madilyn to assist in checking the surveillance footage.

Not long after, the traffic police called Roxanne to confirm that the car was hers and had been temporarily taken to the traffic police’s parking lot.

The inspection results showed that the brake system had a serious malfunction, and there was reason to suspect it to be sabotage.

“Ms. Jarvis, this accident has caused injuries to your family member. In the future, the police may conduct a series of investigations and evidence collection.

Please cooperate with us!” Roxanne agreed to do so. Lucian didn’t waste any time and called Cayden to go to the traffic police department to check all the
surveillance footage of Roxanne’s routes for the past few days.

After ten minutes, Roxanne changed her clothes and went to the hospital with Lucian. In this car accident, Sonya had replaced her as the victim!

It was really coincidental that she had her period that day and didn’t go to the research institute.

Coincidentally, Sonya’s car was broken, and Sonya used her car instead. Was it really just coincidence?

At that moment, two figures sat in the back seat of a black Mercedes-Benz business car parked downstairs at the hospital.

Christina wore a hat with a low brim that covered most of her face. Beside her was Elektra, who was wearing oversized sunglasses that made it hard to recognize her.

“Elektra, do you believe me now? This car accident was just a little trick! Of course, you’ll be the real deal. Only you can make things more complicated!”

Christina’s mouth curved into a smug smile. But Elektra was suspicious and retorted, “Christina, you said you wouldn’t cause direct harm anymore.

Don’t underestimate Lucian. You might slip up and expose yourself, and then he will catch you again!”

The scheme was originally meant for Roxanne but unexpectedly affected Sonya. However, regardless of whether Roxanne or Sonya was injured, they were both important to Lucian. He would definitely get to the bottom of this.

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