Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1843

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1843 – Practically Geniuses At night, when Lucian returned to the mansion, Roxanne shot him a meaningful look to stop him from mentioning Sonya’s accident in front of the children.

“Daddy, Mommy, I’ve signed up for a computing competition, and it’s an international competition too!” said Benny eagerly.

Lucian immediately rubbed the child’s head and praised, “That’s great, but remember to have mercy on the other children, okay?”

Benny’s hacking skills had currently reached a level of expertise that shocked even Lucian.

Archie, who also wanted his father’s affection, hurriedly announced his news next, “Daddy, I joined a variety show called Mega Brain and came in first in the qualifying round. The production team invited me to the final round. May I go?”

oxanne could not help but feel rather astonished as well. These children! What have they been up to when we weren’t noticing?

Lucian picked Archie up in his arms at once and planted a huge kiss on the child’s face as he complimented, “Your memory is even better than a computer’s.

You should go ahead and join the finals if you want. I promise to be there with you.” Estella began to feel desperate.

After some thought, she quickly chimed in as well, “Daddy, Mommy, I sent a famous designer from Epea a copy of my design.

e offered to accept me as his apprentice, but I’m still young and don’t want to go abroad yet.”

Both Lucian and Roxanne were struck dumb by this news. “Which famous designer is that? Is he a legitimate designer?” asked Lucian in a serious tone.

He could not help but be worried that Estella might have fallen for a scam. Right then, Archie and Benny both helped to explain.

“I was the one who helped Essie find the designer. He’s really a renowned designer ranked third worldwide.

It’s Bernard Brown, the designer behind many famous brands!” “Yes, since Essie isn’t very proficient in sending emails in Ustranasion yet, I helped her with the translation.

The replies that came from his end are still in my inbox, and they’re really from Mr. Brown’s work email.” Roxanne and Lucian exchanged looks.

Are our genes really so powerful? Our children are practically geniuses! Bernard was a legendary figure in the fashion world.

Upon hearing his name, Roxanne and Lucian were suddenly at a loss about what to do next.Despite that, they did not forget to shower Estel

la with the mandatory praises and kisses. In the end, it was Estella who suggested, “I will apprentice with Mr. Brown after I’ve grown up a little.

For now, I will focus on improving my Ustranasion first and catch up with Archie and Benny. They’re so smart and have already learned several languages.”

The family chattered harmoniously for a while before Archie and Benny asked about Sonya.

It turned out they had found out about Sonya’s accident from the news and had known about it the whole time.

To reassure them, Lucian took out his phone and gave his mother a video call. Sonya and the three children chatted happily for almost an hour.

Seeing that their grandmother was fine, the three children finally felt relieved. At the Farwell main residence, Sonya hung up the video call and burst into tears abruptly.

Seeing that, Elias, who was just walking over with a sliced apple, immediately asked, “Weren’t you having a good conversation with the children?

Why are you suddenly crying?” “I’m just too happy! I’ve never been happier in my life. Look at how much my grandchildren care about me.

I’m finally experiencing the true joys of being a grandmother.” Sonya was, in fact, shedding tears of joy.

She realized that despite not receiving the complete forgiveness of her daughter-in-law, she was experiencing real joy right now.

Why have I never thought of looking at things this way? I must have been out of my mind to have treated Roxanne so badly!

“It’s wonderful, isn’t it? Life certainly changes once our attitude does.” Elias smiled as he passed her the apple.

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